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lenny broke

Nsr Gt-3 Broken Drop Arm Fix

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Evening All I hope you're all keeping safe,


I'm sure we've all had the guide mount/drop arm break on a NSR GT-3 car. I had one let go the night before a big race recently and with no chance to source a replacement I had to come up with a fix pretty quick


I had a couple of Slot-It HRS chassis guide mounts floating around So I trimmed one to match guide lead measurement of the original car and butt up to the chassis.

I then fixed the part to the with a M2 screw and nut to the chassis were the drop arm limit screw goes.

Then I applied a generous amount of super glue to fix the guide mount to the chassis, giving it a solid mounting.


I didn't quite got it centred but I don't think it's not noticeable. It can't have been to bad as the car took the win and set a new lap record for the class.

Cheers, AlanIMG-6040.jpg





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Hi Lenny Broke/Alan.


Yes I found these HRS axle assemblies very useful several years ago. Scalextric went through a period where guide mount was very fragile. Think they fixed quite a while ago but as you have found a good fix for any car. Remember fixing Ford Falcon V8 which I still use plus Ferrari 330 GT.


For proxy events I tend to strengthen if you are allowed so it is unlikely to happen. For example WRP, Oz Rally or Touring Car proxies where reliability is essential.


Hope things are OK in Adelaide. Pity John has had to close down FPR but I understand completely.


Regards and keep safe. All is well in New Plymouth. Charles Le Breton (charlesx)

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