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Wdmcrg Round Thirteen 2005

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I have been a bit busy recently with work to spend much time posting our race reports and seeing as it is two weeks tomorrow since this round and I am about to go away for a weeks holiday I thought it time to get the pictures out there.


We ran our second full round on Bo's new routed track and it was another fun night.


Our first round for the night was our Ninco Porsche 934 cup with NC1 motors. This was the last round for this series this year and as i missed the last round I had to win to make sure Joe didn't get me in the points.



This pic shows Devious Daves repaint leading a fence hugging Joe through turn one.



Dave got the holeshot here and leads Jamie in orange Jagermiester Joe on the far inside and Chris centre. Dave has obviously left the NC5 in his car.


The placings in the Posche cup for this round were:

1 Vince

2 Dave

3 Joe

4 Charlie

5 Glenn then came Jamie, Chris, Bo, Al and Greg.



This is an overview of the track from the last corner looking down the garage.





A couple of pics of the V8's from our host series. This was also the last round for this class as well which was another i was hoping to win. Unfortunately some dodgy braids on the yellow lane car meant some of us got a slow car until they were roughed up to provide better contact. thats my excuse anyway.

1 Joe

2 Dave

3 Paul

4 Vince

5 Glenn then came Jamie, Bo, Charlie, Al, Chris and Greg.



We had to wake up Bo as he was under the table asleep when we got there. He has been kicked out of the house now to live in the garage but from what i have heard it was his choice.



Last was our Fly Classic class. We did allow other makes from the same era but the Fly cars are the quickest and look great anyway so that is all that was raced. Here is Al's Lola.



Al again with The Devious one and his red Lola up the inside. Chris is back a touch with the Chevron and jamie is on the outside with his 908.



Dave and Jamie into the hairpin.



Joe with his unbeatable 908 up the inside of GLENN'S PODIUM GRABBING 908 and Jamie rounding up the outside.

1 Joe


3 Dave

4 Bo

5 Vince then Chris, Jamie, Al, Charlie and Paul who could also have got a podium but for his chassis becoming unglued during his races.

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Great photos as always, Vince.


And Bo, the more I see of that track, the hungrier I get. It looks better every time I see it.

"I spent most of my money on beer, women and slot cars. The rest I just wasted."

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Great pics Vince as always.

Enjoy the holidays mate and make sure you turn the mobile off



Its funny how fast those mobile phones sink when they fly out the window crossing the Nepean river. Thanks Charlie I will certainly enjoy them.


I will be home next Sunday so then it will be a week of ripping up the old Scaley track and preparing for my wood track. Plus a few other round the house jobs but a new track is on the cards.

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Great report, great photos, painful memories of what could have been if only the glue held ...... :)





May the downforce be with you.

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Rob, Vinno's photography is so good that he can do justice to those hotel room chassis of yours.


:lol: one day we will see how to make them, won't we?

There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't

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