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Auslot Early Days

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Seeing there is starting to be some interest I thought I would start digging out some early topics. I will start off with the first race night I attended with WDMCRG which was the Western District Model Car Racing Group.


At the time the group was starting to dwindle in numbers and the cars were prior to Slot.it, and Fly racing which was the new generation of cars coming with aluminium wheels, drill blank axles etc. Cars were mainly tuned Scalextric, Ninco, SCX and Proslot’s.


The group was looking for new blood and Bump/Glen Whitford who was an early moderator on the forum was one of the members trying to pick it up again. So myself and Boslot went to a race night and it all started for us then. After a couple of races I started posting up some pictures of cars etc when I was allowed. This was where it started out for Auslot and racing anyway.


If you have any topics you want to resurrect please do as it may interest others into showing what they are doing now.



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For the serial poster gang in Hawkes Bay it began with me breaking a disc and needing a new recreation to replace playing competitive squash.

I advertised in a local community newspaper for those who remember loving slot cars to come to my house and view big screen video of the

Europeans racing "scalextric type" slot cars on "Euro-plastic" club tracks [ I invented that terminology, it sounded good on the day]

About 10 guys showed up including Munter and Slotmadmac.

We watched some video, I showed the comparable merits of Ninco and Carrera track over standard Scalextric,

We decided to go ahead, In the end no one in NZ would supply us with the track.


The Carrera agent wanted European retail plus about 30% to bring it from China.

Despite being in "exit mode" from Ninco, the Ninco distributor wouldn't even sell to us - even with a recommendation from one of his biggest retailers.


I contacted the Oz distributors, the Carrera distributor there didn't want to know.

The Ninco distributor Leeman Hobbies said "how can we help"

I sourced the track to our budget plan and we spent about two months building it in a large garage behind a rental property.

He gave us a good discount, shipped track and cars, and having learned I was a businessman experienced as an importer/distributor, suggested

that he would broker me for the NZ Ninco agency at Nuremberg when he was at the Toy fair the following month.

That was how slotraceshop began.



So our first track was a Ninco 30 metre 4 laner, then after two years, wanting to toss magnets we went to our first wood track Chris' professionally

built 4 laner "NPSR"


We nearly suffered a club split at that point, but I urged the guys who we most agitated to let things roll through without taking sides, and it would almost

certainly be the best outcome.

It was. The one guy who really stirred things left the club, and we have only had some minor tiffs in the last 10 years.

The club is in good health with the new blood the most enthusiastic.


Our very out of date video introduction. We have changed and added tracks since then.



Paul & Ryan's new Falls Road track, just constructed in 2019



Mac's Thunder Road Raceway



Pat's 3 laner Upham Downs, shoehorned into the back of his garage



Dave's Black Widow - did I say Shoehorned



Pedro's 3 laner, Circuito Bahia Vista



But wait, there's more. Pedro (not his real name), also has this BLST auto lane changing digital track, the smart anti-collision circuitry sorts out passing

lanes and keeps the cars apart while you just drive.


Mark's Oakland Raceway


Walks upright Unaided  *  Ties Own Shoelaces  *  Can Mispronounce Own Name In Five Languages  *  Mostly Aims Rattle Cans Away from Self
 My Track Oakland Raceway V2     Our Club  HMBRC     

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