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Messing About With Designs

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Someone sent me this design, and asked if I could help them design a 2 lane version, for construction using

the Policar track system.




He had some space constraints, which dictated shortening the top end, and using R1 & R2 curves not R2/R3

Policar is about 1 lane larger in turn circle than Ninco, so the R1`curves are a bit more practical for use.


So I set about using the basic track file for Ultimate Racer 30 and came up with this. As the sR1 and R2

22.5 degree curves aren't yet available, I threw in some R3 where I needed 22.5 degrees and ended up with this



Thoughts on the flow?

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Without some access hole in the middle, it looks difficult to marshal. Otherwise, an interesting, technical course.


P.S. — helping keep up the post numbers from across the big pond...

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I need to get that program so I can design one for my space. 7metre straight so plenty of space.

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Not bad, Mark but I would remove some of the squiggles in that lower left hand loop and in the centre over pass.....flow is a prime goal in my design book.

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The Grid is set at 50cm, so overall about 1.2 wide, which about our reach for marshaling.

Yeah, each to his own I guess on the squiggles - I would open it up more too.

I think he has the first timer thing about making the longest possible track for the space available - we've all been there.


I wonder about less turns, and using mainly R2 and R3, instead of mainly R1 and R2

Policar is roughly "half a lane wider" at each "R" value than Ninco, but R1 is still quite tight.


Still I will let him mull a bit before suggesting the changes - and I will have all your thoughts to show him as well


Vince - Free download, but it doesn't include Policar in an official release. I have a ZIP of the files here I can send you for it.


For anyone with a Mac. Jan who owns RailModeller, which makes Mac/IOS apps for model railway and slot car track design, is

now working on adding Policar to the stable. https://www.railmodeller.com

It wasn't until I got in contact with Jan, that I learned that he lived in Christchurch for 3 years and maintains strong connections


On the Rail Modeller site, there is a link to a charity he has to support conservation efforts of the Kakapo

https://www.isleofthekakapo.com/home-isleofthekakapo.html (For Ozzies, that and the more common Kea, are our big parrots)




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