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Cadillac El Dorado Kitbash

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This was a kit bash that I did a while back.

A 1/32nd scale 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham by Gunze Sangyo





The sensible choice of chassis seemed to be a Revell Stocker chassis, as I intended to run it against

these and other similar kits to be made up. I had some nice whitewall tyres, and set up a Revell

Galaxy chassis with some nice 72 pitch gears, Slot.it bushes and axle, and some BWA 15 x 6mm

wheels I had lying about – Chassis runs sweet, even though it lacks much in the way of guide lead.




The first thing I discovered was that luxurious Caddys came with a wheelbase longer than some

football fields. Time to get creative – or butcherous.



So I stripped the chassis bare, cut it, fitted a ¾”/ 20mm wide section of plasticard, braced it with

some brass rod, and stuck the whole thing together with JB Weld, while holding it square and flat

on a chassis flattening plate with lots of magnets.






Now I would like to inform you that this looks a bit rough because it has just dried and I haven’t

cleaned it up yet. I would LIKE to tell you that, but mother said I shouldn’t lie.




But when it was done, I had a chassis with the correct wheelbase, which runs very nice, smooth,

and predictable.

The body posts were made up to fit at back, and in the front, I used a small square of velco

under the bonnet and on the top of the plate which holds the front axle assembly. It took a bit

of messing about to get the height correct, but once done it was an easy solution for a car that

isn’t going to be an out and out racer.


Undercoat then some silver then finished with several light coats of gloss black, and I am ready

to cruise Sunset boulevard.










A bit of work to do on inserts and other detail, and I really should fit it with some interior lights

for cruising... one day. Meanwhile its elbows out the window, rolled up jeans and a white T-shirt

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Nice result ,Mark.

I cant quite make out the driver...Vin Diesel perhaps?


The original cool guy. - Vin is just a johnny-come-lately genx cut out copy - but a good one





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