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2020 Touring Car Proxy

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Ok, she's back together and the wheels turn in the right direction! Here is my "SUSS Racing" Gulf #9 Audi A4 DTM

Lots of "1st"'s for me - 1st proxy event, 1st time preping a car for another track (only ever raced my cars a 1 track), 1st time mod'ing a SCX, 1st time trying to "weather" a car, 1st go at doing clear decals.

I did a couple of shake down laps yesterday, before pulling it down again. It is certainly nowhere as fast as my NSR, so I don't think the leaders have much to worry about, but it has been a fun (?) challenge to get it done (and on timejus-t!), which I have enjoyed doing, which is the main thing!

I should be posting this off on Friday, and I'll sort payment over the weekend, if not before

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Best proxy for 1'st's. I like to give lots of feedback and videos showing how your car goes. 

There's some seriously fast cars entered this year by the Canberra locals so it will be good to see how the rest of the world compares. 

Then there's my car which is faster than anything else I've ever built but still .05 sec per lap off the top pace in testing. At least it drives well and hard to deslot. :D

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