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Favorite Bathurst 12Hr Livery?

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Thought this livery was pretty cool,




Though that photo is from 2019, it still looked pretty close to it this year from Wall Racing. Looks to be a tribute of the very cool BASF livery from the early 80's BMW M1 procar series.


Wonder how the racing budget is going without an obvious sponsor. I do get the impression that the Wall family are quite wealthy. Not any of my business I suppose but still it's quite intriguing.


Seems like someone usually presents a slot car livery from Bathurst 12hr each year or so. Wonder if something will turn up this year or early next year of one of the recent 12hr race liveries. Of course obvious choice would be the #7 Bently!

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Hi Steve


Not a fan of yellow cars generally but I love this one from last year.




With a bit of luck might have had a win

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This year's #999, hands down.....




Not so much for the livery but for the design - the McLarens...



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There's only two questions:


1. What direction do you go

2. What's the Lap Record?

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