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Photobucket - Site Down?

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Well, I spent the last week or so migrating my photos to the new hosting service, and then modified all my HTML to point to them. Was able to do global edits, so wasn't hard, but had to test every page (100's of them) and make a few adjustments where I didn't follow my own standard conventions here and there.


The photos load so much faster now, at least down under anyway. Would be interested to know if overseas users find it better or worse than it used to be. The link is in my signature below.


My next task is to migrate the actual website itself to Hosting Cloud, as it currently sits on my very first ISP - Alphalink - which allowed free hosting for members, but with a very small storage allowance (20MB) - which is why I had to host the photos elsewhere. Even though I switched away from them years ago, I kept the old email account for $10 a year, and that seems to have kept my website active.


I have been slowly deleting photos from PhotoBucket, and will cancel my paid account shortly, before the current annual plan expires. So any old links in forums will stop working soon, but I haven't put much up lately anyways, so its no big deal. But at least I can start loading up some of my recent builds and start posting pics on forums again, as I couldn't add new photos to photobucket under the new restrictions.




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seems my Photobucket account is gone, have contacted them and ways they say to recover...I have no idea?

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My second track build --> 

raceday - https://youtu.be/8WXYQ528iKM


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