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Thunder Down Under #1

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Hi Guys, who's going to the first ever race for Thunderslot cars?

This is a race just for these cars, the meeting will be run like the NSR challenge and on the same 6 lane track in Nelson.

Tony Cook is the host and the 'usual suspects' will be there.

On the Sunday there will be another fun race for open wheeler single seaters (F1 and F5000) that raced prior to 1980.

If you need any more details contact Tony Cook or ask on this thread.

Also bring your NZSCA Muscle cars as we are going to have a fun/display race for them too.

But wait - there's more!!!!!

We will have an international guest amongst us, Mr Giovanni Montiglio from Thunderslot!!!

It will be a fun weekend as usual so get ready and be there!!



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I can't make it this year Dave but I do wish I could. Those cars ran great last year and it was a fantastic weekend.


I'm sure Cookie will get a great bunch of racers for this years event.


Have a great weekend in Chill Nelson!


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Sorry to hear that JK, think of all that fun you are going to miss out on.

We'll catch you again at next years NSR Challenge.


A special note to all those who are attending this event..........


bring along your NZSCA RTR Muscle cars for a race.

It would be cool to have them on the track for a race just like the open pre '80 F1/F5000 cars.


See you there!!

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Should be a great event as always in the Nelson slot cave.

2019 NZ RTR Nationals Gt 3rd

2017 NZ RTR Nationals NSR Classic 2nd

2017 NZ RTR Nationals Group C 3rd

2017 NSR Classic Challenge 3rd

2015 NSR Classic Challenge 2nd

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2015 Garden City Invitation Overall Champion

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Yeah, looking forward to this one more than I usually do. Not sure why.

Hey Mark, are you taking a pre '80's F1/F5000 to run in the fun race?

Also grab you NZSCA Muscle car too, it'll be good to have a run with them too.

See ya next week.

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It was another great weekend of catching up with the 'usual suspects' as all of the racing events in Nelson.

Thank You to Tony, Sue and the rest of the team that make it such a great event.

Yes, we did do some racing, tell some lies and e all got to meet Mr Thunderslot himself, Joe Montiglio.

It was very cool to talk with him about slot cars ans how they race plastic cars on plastic tracks without the use of weight and magnets.

Joe was amazed to see his cars go so fast on wood.

Neil Bidwell took out all the top placings with a well set up car that was keep clean and a great drive to boot, no one could got close to Neil's almost perfect race.

The rest of us just followed best we could and even that was so much fun.

These cars are all the same under the body and the racing was unbelievably so close!

Tony will be holding this event again in 2020.

It was a few weeks ago now but I'm still buzzing.

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