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Skinny Analogue 3 Lane

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I'm having a go at a 3 laner in a narrow space. Track is gonna be up to 1.2m wide and about 7m long.


Want a fairly easy track to drive to encourage close racing and not too many deslots as I'm lazy and don't want to get off my chair too often. Also got a couple of young sons so easy is good.


Did a bit of research on the 1.2m width with the three lanes and it seems like the inside of the two 180 degree corners should be OK to drive. See what happens! :blink:


Contemplated a squeeze section but ended up keeping it simple.


I've been going for about 2 months so there are a few pics below.



The space








Blank canvas










Routing done




Elevations and banking (and imaginary driving!) :D







Still got more elevations etc to do then move onto getting some side supports happening then paint.

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Hope you got a good pair of binoculars.

Cheers Grant


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Thanks for the comments everyone. Been having heaps of fun building it.


Was planning on putting the drivers stations beside each other along the length of the track. Roughly a metre or metre and a half per person. I'll give the end positions some thought though thanks.

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Hi Aquakiwi. Looks like my dream track if only I had room. Agree routing looks great. What is the strip you used as a router guide? Regards Chas Le Breton

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Hi Chas,


I got the strip in a kit from a fella called Luf and has the webpage Oldslotracer. Got a feeling he doesn't do the strip anymore but there is a link on his page to the person that now does.

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