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I've been a bit crook lately and in my idle hours I decided to put together a "test" car for the Tasman series.


After this years Tasman was concluded it was interesting to see cars performing way better than in previous years, this was partly due to the new motor being allowed but also I think we have seen many different chassis designs,


During the running of Round 4 at my track the front runners were getting into the 4.5 second region, these times have never been done before and it made me think that it was time to rethink and get something together just to see where that might take me.










I've had this body for sometime now and thought this would be a good starting point









The chassis is a torsion bar setup which allows the chassis to have some movement, the degree of movement can be adjusted by varying the thickness of the torsion bars, the lighter(thinner) the wire to more flex to the chassis,


I've put the new 1790 motor in the car and my gearing is 9:24, independent front end, all up weight is about 58 grams, I've got Put tyres onboard.


So far I have got the car down to some very decent times which has surprised me as I really haven't fiddled too much with it, i did upgrade the torsion bars in the beginning as the chassis had too much flex, i thing i have a .82mm wire in now.

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Nice work Terry,

Ive also got a chassis ready as well, another of the Brokespeed Skates. It's on the back burner presently while I clear some other projects off the bench.

Cheers Alan

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Hi Alan,


I'm probably a bit early, however I didn't want to be in rush at the last minute, as often seems to happen.


This car may not be my 2020 car as I have a BT7 planned as soon as Tassie Resins can supply.

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