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Mechanical Grip - Some Cars Just Have It

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#1 jphanna

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Posted 12 August 2019 - 09:26 AM

Just an interesting experience I like to share about trying to set up identical cars for a big race coming up. We are allowed Spare cars or B cars if the A car breaks down.

This is a unique race for us as 99% of the tracks we run on are no magnetic braid. This one has it. I build me cars to handle without magnetic traction, but when your competitors are going to use that magnetic brain to their advantage, then motors that can use that effect are installed instead of ones that don’t……
The 2 classics are NSR 908 and with pretty much identical bodies, chassis, motors, gearing……..

The NSR moslers have identical motors, gears, bodies but one has the oldest chassis with rectangular pod….and the other one has the newer triangular pod.
The Mosler with the rectangular pod is the defending champion from last year race. Untouched for 12 months. The 908 also raced last year but had troubled run and finished a distant second.

For the first test, all 4 cars with unjuiced E22 BRM tyres at Thunderbirds raceway on a magnetic braid track, all 4 cars were within a tenth of the double car. All predictable and nice to drive…..and fast. Looking good.

Second test….was at a non magnetic braid track with ferradore surface. (Course surface that grinds tyres) the 2 classics …..again with same tyres as before and they are within a tenth of each other. Looking good. Consistency.

Then I put the race winning mosler with old rectangular pod and it went sensation fast. Felt planted, even with no magnetic effect….it FELT like it was sucking down on the track.
I then put the 4th car, the younger Mosler with the triangular pod and same tyres on it since the last test…..and it was all over the place. Tail was wagging furiously all the way around. No traction…nothing. I wondered if there was something dragging under the chassis. Nothing. changed tyres with the other car…..still the same result. Did not want a bar of this track.

I am not sure what to do but I am thinking that if I open up the old mosler to check weight distribution it may unsettle it if I put it back together later.
So in summary……I have 2 908’s that with magnetic effect, or not…..are identical good handling, and one mosler that sucks itself to track with or without magnetic effect, and one mosler that is a as fast as the sister car with magnetic effect, and undriveable without it.

Just wondering if anyone else has cars responding differently to identical conditions.
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Posted 12 August 2019 - 06:18 PM

View Postjphanna, on 12 August 2019 - 09:26 AM, said:

Just wondering if anyone else has cars responding differently to identical conditions.

All the time.
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#3 Peter Gunn

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Posted 12 August 2019 - 07:23 PM

I bought 2 Policar Ferrari 330p4 brand new, and straight out of the box one was great and the other one was ok , removed the magnets scrubbed the tyres in , bit of oil on all the bearings and the guide post and ran them both in for 10 minutes on 6v and the one that was great is still great and the other one is ok.
Moral i suppose is no two identical slot cars are ever the same, at any time on any track in any conditions.

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