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Embrace Your Club Members

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As with any sport and hobby, and I have been in many clubs over the decades, sometimes……things are said or done that are not necessary, and devalue our hobby. Things that are said or done out of spite, anger, stupidity (my specialty), jealousy, greed, and sometimes for no reason at all. We say and do things that can hurt people, while we race toy cars.


WE have been rocked in SA by the passing of a very special man in slot car circles. We have lost a few, but this one has hit me hard.


Take a look around your club, or race venue. Has there been times when discussion have been heated? What was the outcome? Was it worth it?

To the people that over decades, and maybe even last week, that I said inappropriate things to, caused grief, and arguments about racing toy cars….i am sorry.


In the end, the people we race with, whether they are rivals or friends are all part of the slot car scene. Without them….we don’t have a slot car scene.

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Nice work John,

Yes mate you look at the guys who have become mates over years of racing.

There is never any real clue to what is going on behind the smile and laughter.


Our group meets on Mondays is a way to step out of the real world and have a break, fun and laughs.

It does not matter that you win, loose or come second. Its all good fun.

Enjoy every day and see every sun rise.

Make the most of what you have.


Thanks and drive straight.



Try Harder, if you dont fail your not trying hard enough

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