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Evo Shark - Magnetic Effect. Mild Or Wild?

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guys, i usually set up for non magnetic braid. some special events use tracks have magnetic braid. up til now the only 2 brand with magnetic effect at long can





even then its very mild effect...... but does help a little.


now there is a short can SHARK EVO NSR motor with magnetic effect. is it just as mild effect like the long can motors?


if you can advise would be greatly appreciated

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Hi there is a range of S can's from NSR called Shark EVO they come in 21.5/ 25/ 28/ and 32 k , i doubt if they are mild or wild but somewhere in between, i have not bought any because using Carrera track any extra mag in motors you notice it useful thing about them is the 3 screw holes in the can end, waiting to see any running reports on them must admit the 28 has got my interest .

If they are using the same uprated mags in that range the 21.5 must have very good brakes indeed as those mags have gotta operate well in the 32 as well which is 10k higher in the range.

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The wildest motor to my knowledge is this if you can find one(data from slotcarnews):


Avant Slot Mag Motor "blue" (FC-130) [21,892 RPM/12v] 27,000 RPM/14.8v

[405 gcm/12v] 500 gcm/14.8v, 22.2W/12v, 44 gr. mag. dnf(=did not find i assume ).




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