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F1 Is It The Pits

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#1 Peter Gunn

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Posted 24 June 2019 - 05:19 PM

Been a fan of F1 right back to the early 60,s and lucky enough to see some races live at Brands Hatch and Silverstone before being priced out by the high entry charges and costs involved with a day out motor racing .
But we had the BBC which covered all the races with people like Murray Walker , but then Sky started to take it over money again and i was only watching 6 live races a year , could not afford joining Sky really just for motor racing .
This year i can only see one race live the British GP on Chanel 4 , so taken to listning to it on the radio , yep the radio only place left for me to at least hear a live race.
But the French GP was the pits it was so boring even the commentators started talking about other sports , like cricket, ladies football which sounded a whole lot more interesting than the GP.
Am i one of the few or are there many around who think F1 is committing suicide , ok we,ve had dominant teams for years , quite a few of the big teams have had continued success for a few years before someone else takes over for a few years .
Now we come to the tracks so many are built by Mickey Mouse a hygenic racing track where the driver can make mistakes all day because there is as much run of as there is track , all for safety but what's going on this is supposed to be motor racing , not a high speed procession , excitment yesterday was the last lap , before that the commentators were talking about a cone being blown across the track it was that interesting.
I keep being told it,s progress mate , progress seems to me the drivers should be renamed to electronic operators seem to be pressing this button , that button , chatting to the crew , asking what time the pubs open ( my joke ) will be next .
Really did love the sport , get the snacks in , beers and mates , now bag of crisps a Pepsi and no mates as they have lost interest and can't be bothered to all gather around a radio and listen to it.

#2 munter

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Posted 24 June 2019 - 06:10 PM

F1 is a very small part of my life...less now there is no NZ driver there....so about 0.00000000000001 of my waking hours.

I am more interested in retro events like the Sonoma Speed festival....again experienced vicariously through media.
John Warren
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#3 mus-28

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Posted 25 June 2019 - 12:42 PM

I think it's a pretty universal view that F1 is losing it's appeal, I think V8 Supercars is also following suit. I used to tune into both regularly but now would rather watch Touring Car Masters if you want to watch good racing and nice cars.

#4 DRMF1

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Posted 26 June 2019 - 11:24 AM

Yes Peter I am with you. Been a fan since the 60's, watched various teams dominate like Mercedes are now, most teams struggled to compete - the mid field today is much stronger, but without the obscene budgets of the biggest teams they will always be midfield. The noise is s#!t, just listen to the V8's, V10's, and 12's of the not so distant past. I agree the tracks are ridiculously sterile, and in the main, boring. I have always liked Monaco the most because one millimetre off line and it's an early shower, and the proximity of the cars makes them seem they are travelling a damn sight faster than they are. I have had to employ a VPN to get in through the back door to watch GP's on Channel 4 otherwise I would not see any of the season. I used to gauge my year from GP to GP but now I am drifting away. I am happy to pay, but the F1 TV access still hasn't reached us after two years. A shame, I still love the sport but it has definitely gone stale. And worse still, the Red Bull Air Race has pulled the pin. May as well take up cricket....

#5 aussieslotter

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Posted 26 June 2019 - 04:00 PM

I havent watched it since Schumacker started racing. Not interested.

#6 Caddo

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Posted 28 June 2019 - 01:47 AM

The answer for me - Moto GP, seems to be more available on Australian free to air TV, and the racing quality is nearly the best of any motor sport class IMO

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