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Hi Keith


I can guarantee you at both FPR and Spitfire tyre treatments are a death sentence infringement :ph34r: . Well a dont come back sort of thing anyway.

I do know Allans track was erected the week of the round at Spitfire and I have seen her with better grip in the past. Mind you in saying that some cars had excellent grip that day some were awful.

Interestingly Mondeo41s car had for me on Red anyway a big grip improvement over the last round mine went off a bit IMHO same tyres? Yep go figure!!


Mind you I do know I have some cars that with the same setup preform way better at Spitfire than they do at FPR and vice versa so I guess there is something in it. That sort of problem has me laying awake at night staring at the roof and make theories and tests to try and work it out.

When I started slot racing I had hair!! :wacko:



Big Mick

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Thanks lads,

As expected unexplained variances in track, location, etc.

That is, slot cars. (real life is similar?)


Mick we all had hair once mate. Along with sanity.


See what prevails for the next round.

Good luck lads.

Try Harder, if you dont fail your not trying hard enough

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Hi Guys,

I reckon the weather had a fair bit to do with how various cars performed. Qualifying on late Friday afternoon was still still fairly warm comparative to the next day. It started raining on Friday night and pretty well did so all Saturday, Besides being bitterly cold the humidity would have been high with the amount of moisture in the air.


As Mick said there is no treatment allowed at my track and no traction "goop" applied to the surface. Track prep consists of a vacuum ( hoovering to you Keith ;) ) and then a wipe over with a dusting cloth.I'll then run cars around frequently cleaning tyres on a wet sponge. I hope that clarifies things

Cheers, Alan

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I sent a PM to Big Mick about track conditions , somewhere i have 3 publications or parts of from the late Barrie Wade called , Theory of slot car racing, Wade a minute, and So you wanna race slot cars, Barrie belonged to our club in the 60s/70s and was a prof at this sort of thing .

Basically most things can and will upset a cars performance on wood tracks, did you know a car with tyres that have at some times had gunge put into them at sometime will leach residue from the tyres on a hot day connected to friction from the contact patch of the tyre to the track, clean track or not .

We actually tried this out in 66 at Hornchurch in a 30 minute race 3 cars fitted with non treated tyres and 1 car fitted with dry surface tyres but had been impregnated with tyre gunge for a period of time before hand , Barrie actually tested the tyre throw of and picked out the one car with these tyres on then started to tell us the science involved in it all.

Must admit it was hard to keep the eyes open as he drew graphs showing how the theory actually worked, but i will see if i can find these article and put them on a seperate thread on Auslot

I know about Hoovering Alan something the wife does while i,m trying to watch telly, oops not pc but i don't care, Hahaahaha. :D

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But the weather influences track conditions....

Personal experience on my track I had to stop a proxy half way threw as it just wasn’t fair to continue as the track had lost grip....

Not the cars the track lost grip....Moisture in the air = bad track conditions....

My 2c worth

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Theres' no doubt that the weather will affect the cars,


When I had the proxy cars here I gave them an early morning practice run, after a half hour or so I came to the realisation that I was wasting my time, I delayed the practice till the afternoon where the temperature had gone up and all was well.


Humidity will also slow the cars down

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Just a little suggestion I have which works at FPR re traction. I do the hoovering first . Then I use a silicon sticky roller ( from China )

Which is wiped off with a damp rag regularly - when it gets slippery on the surface which is covered with dust. - about every metre.

This is not enough though . We then run BRM rubber tyres - G25 compound for several laps wet sanding say every 10 laps or so.

For about 5 minutes on each lane. Grip us usually good then for MJK or BRM Tyres . The BRM tyres are very good dust magnets and my tracks are in a non sealed shed with large opening doors . So ingress. Of dust on a windy dry day is very likely.

Of course the humidity or temperature have an effect. We do not use water sanding for MJK tyres due there ability to maintain traction on a humid track - only a brisk dry sand for them. The BRM tyres however it is almost compulsory to wet sand on 1200 paper.

Big Mick is the master of BRM tyre prep. My track surfaces are all Cabothane coated clear and smooth.

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Would be great to welcome you aboard Slotspeed. Suspension detail depends quite a bit on prototype. I do not think the rules and their general interpretation are too onerous and new entrants as stated are usually given a bit more leeway.


More than happy to send you photos of some of my efforts - not that I am particularly skilled but I do try. I am one of those people who have the best of intentions but usually fall a bit short quality wise. Please PM me if I can be of any further help. If you look first at one of the Tasman Cup build or technical threads you should see plenty of good photos.


Motor wise I am not sure about your purchase as there are a great variety of FF050's out there. The ones we use are at the lower end 16000 - 18000rpm. This year we were allowed to use the SRP16000, SRP18000 or what has become know as the Tasman 1790. I believe Phil K has a ready supply of the latter. The SRP16000 is no longer available but the SRP18000 is usually from the MRRC supplier. These motors are usually very cheap - $10-12.


See you live in Sydney. There may also be a local entrant who could show you the ropes. Scalextric produced cars in all kinds of colours so I would not let that sway you. Remember though that it is 1961 to 1965 so the Lotus 16 would not be eligible. Another option is the resin bodies that are available from the likes of Phil K in Tasmania.


Best of luck with your endeavours. See you on the grid next year. Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)


Hi Charles, thank you for your support.


I didn't reply straight away because I wanted to wait until I had time to properly reply to your considered comments.


I will have another read of some other threads including that one that you also just mentioned to get a bit more of an idea before I ask too many questions that could easily be found by looking. Then I may have some questions after that. Progress will be slow for me as I have a lot of responsibilities at the moment.


Many thanks,


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