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Some Great Viewing - Old Sports Cars, Gt/sports Sedans

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Found two videos on Youtube in the last two days, both stood out because they had rare footage of some cars I have always been interested in but never saw driven in anger, but had heard plenty about.



Many familiar drivers in this one. Lots of 935's (where the hell did they all go? Only a few seem to be around in Aus nowadays) Interesting to watch is the Bap Romano Kaditcha (later known as Romano WE84) also of interest to slot racers is that one of the contenders towards the front of the field was Italian Giampiero Moretti in Porsche 935 #30, his car is available from Sideways, model SW24, happens to be on sale this week at Armchair. (Wonder what its like to drive, does anyone run these without the magnet?)




What a great opportunity to see Frank Matich in action. That was well before my time, but my Dad used to talk about the SR4 when I was a kid, Dad seemed to know quite a bit about the development of Franks cars. He recounted seeing a near miss at Catalina when the SR4 was under early development. I used to hear about that quite a bit thanks in part to Dad's dementia!


Keep having fun.



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