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Happy B/day Wobble

David Carter's Photo David Carter 05 May 2019

Hope you had a good day Bram

munter's Photo munter 05 May 2019

Yeah, same best wishes from my corner too, Bram.

Wobble's Photo Wobble 06 May 2019

Cheers guys. One more year to the gold card. The clock seems to have sped up since 60. I think the spring must get a bit tighter the further you wind it.

branco's Photo branco 06 May 2019

Hope you had a great day Bram.

charlesx's Photo charlesx 07 May 2019

Hi all. It goes even faster once you hit 70 but slotting gets better. Just to brighten your day. Regards Chas Le Breton

Aquakiwi1952's Photo Aquakiwi1952 08 May 2019

All the best Bram

charlesx's Photo charlesx 08 May 2019

Hi Bram. From me too. Chas Le Breton