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Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Track??

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Tim, you are going to have so much fun with all that track. Its rare to find a quantity like this especially with such a variety of radii and the short straights (that allow for all sorts of designs) just design and try to you're heart's content. For me the issue would be with borders but there are cheap, easy and quick ways to build them.


When I weighed in on the "kink in the top left corner" I wasn't talking about your track. I don't think Munter was either, I thought he was referring to the other example that I had posted up. (I tend to think it was placed there to keep that circuit interesting or to add difficulty at a guess) I actually had an R1 esses (edit: more exaggerated than yours actually) that worked quite well on my Carrera track but I took it out as it wouldn't work with some other changes that I later made to my layout. It all depends on what is coming before and after and how the overall flow works.


Best of luck and have fun with your 8 year old, its so much fun when the kids get into it!


Also, I hope you find some other locals to play slot cars with, maybe recruit some mates.



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I always wade in when plastic track is mentioned here, cause I still regret every cent I spent on plastic track.

Couldn't wait to sell my plastic track, although for less than half its value:(


Expensive, connectivity issues, power taps, expansion/contraction with weather = a royal pain in the behind.



Don't know if you plan to run magnets, but for racing magnet free with a group you can't beat routed tracks.


Over complicated plastic layouts generally are a pain to maintain, and result in the track owner having a massive advantage over other racers.

You will get bored flogging people.

i was lucky enough to get a good deal and a heap of second hand track, had heaps of r1/2/3 & 4 bends aswell as plenty of 1/4 & 1/3 straights, all in as new condition so very happy there.

as for expansion and those pesky insistant gaps that keep appearing no matter how much you adjust the track, wherever there's a gap i throw the factory red clip away and use a cable tie, ha! open up again now you bastard haha

as for getting bored flogging other racers, the only other person that uses it is my 8 yr old, I'd of thought that in a town with a population 62k that there'd be atleast some interest, none that I've been able to find as yet.

Sounds like the way I got back into slot cars, via my kids. Although I wasn't so lucky scoring a heap of second hand plastic track.

You may find your 8 year old's friends will end up liking the track more than your 8 year old!!!

My kids [15yo boy and 11yo girl] dread it when their friends find out about the slot car track.

Their friends don't want to do anything other than spend time on the track, whilst my kids grin and bear it, they are over it to some degree. :)

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