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Dropshots And Photo Hosting

terry's Photo terry 12 Mar 2019

I've been using Dropshots pretty much since the Photobucket fiasco a couple of years back, now I'm seeing all my downloaded photos from Dropshots gone missing ( here on our forum)

In particular photos relating to the upcoming 2019 Tasman proxy series.

Has anyone else seen this problem and any clues as to why this is happening?

Dropshots of late has been a bit awkward not allowing me to edit my photos, maybe this is all related?

Fingers crossed this is not another drama with hosting sites

Stubbo's Photo Stubbo 12 Mar 2019

Hi Terry,

I tried dropshots before and the picture went up OK then disappeared.

I have done it again using Imagur. seemed to work ok.

gazza's Photo gazza 12 Mar 2019

Dropshots working ok for me.