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Fixed Gear Ratio

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The Fixed gear ratio.

One thing I have learnt, in my transition from 1/24 made from scratch….brass and spring steel slot cars. Back then, if you didn’t buy a Parma slot car, you walk into a hardware store and bought a plate of brass, piano wire, solder, spring steel…….draw it up and start chopping and grinding away.


You could buy a motor whole, but the arms and magnets and other bits and pieces were mainly bought separately as you hotted it up. There was a variety of means to increase grunt from a standard motor. Not often, a motor straight from a sealed packet, would beat a steadily massaged one, bought in pieces.

So we make the transition into 1.32 after 30 years. The term ‘sealed motor’ was new to me. I think the reasoning was parity. Everyone has an ‘equal’ motor. Well all i can say is that I have watched a ‘sealed’ motor get pulled apart in a matter of minutes. They are not so sealable after all. The guys (I am not one of them) that know how to tweak an arm…amongst things can make the most out of fixed gearing classes. I envy them because i rely on what Shintaro put together back in China, for my grunt.


At the last nationals I saw, the noises some sealed motors made was not akin to a group 15 or 27 in full song. One person whom I am close to, bought an ex nationals car from a multi Aust champion driver. It was a Slot it group C. That car with fixed gear ratio motor, on his reliable tester, measured 30K……..mmmm.


I hear the theory about buying 30 motors, and one of them is guaranteed to a screamer. I am sure there is discrepancies and variances in motors but not 9000RPM worth. Some motors rev, some have low down grunt, some have both. I always use gearing to compensate the motors that lack in one aspect of performance.


A lot of local races are now fixed gearing, so if the Shintaro built motor, in my car doesn’t have the mumbo, I wont race in those classes anymore. I will get cleaned up BIG time. I do have a few good as per factory motors. one Slot it with plenty of mumbo, a scaley with good revs and bottom end and a KING 25 that is great all rounder as well. So I do have a few good motors.


Do they sound and rev like group 27…….NO.

Shed People Mutual Admiration Society

2 times Australian National Champion

1991-Flexicar 1999- Group 12 Sedan

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I remember my old Group 20 at Hornsby in the ‘70’s running at about 80,000rpm (needle race bearings (dental drill), some serious micro wind and a lot of work on the magnets.

Very glad today to glue a sealed motor in and have some fun. Much cheaper too !

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