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Policar Ferrari 330 P4

Peter Gunn's Photo Peter Gunn 27 Jan 2019

Don't know if anyone wants this car chuckle, but Pendall's are taking pre orders for it at £49-50p PC-CAR6A is the cat number, and it,s due April , might be a quick seller., car has race number 21.

SlotsNZ's Photo SlotsNZ 27 Jan 2019

I think quite a few either side of the great Tasman moat already have their orders in with their local "pusher" :D :D :lol: :lol:

Peter Gunn's Photo Peter Gunn 27 Jan 2019

Oops sorry Slots NZ didn't see any mention of the new car here , so thought i would let people know what was going on, of course all should shop locally to support the local trader , and to save on that dreaded postal cost. :)

SlotsNZ's Photo SlotsNZ 28 Jan 2019

No worries Peter - we're just a little ahead of the spare hemisphere. It was front page news last year LOL

- Actually, Gazza, VInno and I are, as Toto sing "not so systematic" on announcing new releases at times, and you're always totally welcome to blow the horn.

I expect we'll get a bit more from the makers at the end of the week with Nurnberg, Nuremburg, Spielwarenmesse or whatever you prefer to call it getting underway Thursday.

r377's Photo r377 15 Feb 2019

Do you reckon these cars will perform very similarly to the slot.it GT40 ?

Bit off the pace of NSR p68, 917 and 908 ?

SlotsNZ's Photo SlotsNZ 15 Feb 2019

HAH. Going by the speed of one other guys Slot.it GT40 at club last night, which kept up with my Matra, "just add alloy rears" and you will be good to go.

Peter Gunn's Photo Peter Gunn 17 Feb 2019

I have the Policar F40 which is a very good runner in the standard state all i did was fit MJK's on the back and added a bit of weight 60/40 and it,s as good as any other Slot it car in that configuration, so hoping the P4 will be the same , Policar make very good cars and that Ferrari could be a great car to have

Wobble's Photo Wobble 24 Feb 2019

View Postr377, on 15 February 2019 - 03:15 PM, said:

Do you reckon these cars will perform very similarly to the slot.it GT40 ?

Bit off the pace of NSR p68, 917 and 908 ?

Should be almost exactly the same wheelbase and track as a GT40 so there won't be much in it.

SlotsNZ's Photo SlotsNZ 06 Jun 2019

While you lot were ogling the curves, and drooling over the paint job; I got down to the dirty business under the hood.

As you can see, the chassis is a typical Slot.it style sidewinder setup with the usual MX16 motor and 0.5mm offset 6 screw mount, can end drive.
Posted Image
Note the body mount, 2 mounts at front, one at rear. A good amount of guide lead. Track width is almost as wide as my Matra, which surprised me,
wheel base slightly shorter; and overall "triangle" from front of guide to rear axle is slightly longer than the Matra, which has been the Slot.it classic to beat
- at least on wood.
This indicates it will track very well through windy turns.

I have to tell you that the interior is grub infested. - Infested with grub screws that is. Find eight of them, like an easter egg hunt.

Posted Image

Four in place for axle height setting. - It still had those sliding collars inside the axle holder mounts, so I removed them as is my normal practice, to allow
the axle to move up or down freely.

Posted Image
And don't bother trying to screw your motor in place to lock it nice and rigid - they took care of that too. - And yes, I went to fit motor screws as part of a
racing setup, and couldn't get the screw to bite in the pod - then I looked carefully, yes I know ....... old and blind. This was a new idea on me, but it works.
- 3mm PA40 grub screws should take care of that on other models if you want to repeat the trick.

Posted Image
You wouldn't make much money plastic recycling, That body weights 4 poofteenths of nothing; like a ballet dancer in training
And of course there are the two holding the braids in place. I didn't like the system when it came out, saying wires would get cut etc.
But in honesty, I do not recall ever losing power from a cut motor wire in several years racing, and I set up a lot of cars for myself and others; so I now use
the system on other cars by choice.

The car is very light overall, and will need quite a bit of weight in most non-mag situations.

I have since completed a basic setup - just retaining the plastic wheels with PT1171N22 tyres glues and trued, but haven't taken any more pics.
When I get time I'll complete the pics and update this post.

Wobble's Photo Wobble 06 Jun 2019

I was thinking of forking out 80 bucks for another Scaley Camaro but my dosh will have to go this way instead.

Peter Gunn's Photo Peter Gunn 06 Jun 2019

At 8-15 the garage doors were opened and a Policar Ferrari 330P4 was placed on the track.
Firstly some thoughts, really nice body , looks right , lovely clear pieces , love the venting all round and , the interior is ok like the red seats.
The chassis is as described by Slots NZ quite straightforward sidewinder pod , with the pod screws in the tight position very firm chassis, the wheels are all plastic , i,m not a great lover of plastic wheels especially on the rear of slot cars but these are well made and mine were perfectly round , very nice inserts as well.
The mechanicals are straightforward the Slot it can mine says 23k on the side of it i have used a lot and found them very good , the gearing is a brass 11 tooth pinion mated with a plastic 32 tooth , tyres are ribbed C1's all round, guide is the usual type they use, slot it .
Well get it on the track i hear you say yep ok but first a couple of things , removed magnet, and those plastic axle holders never liked them find they stick sometimes so adjusted the front axle grub screws to the height i like the front of my cars to be in this class, light lube on the mooving parts and a 10 lap light run in for the whole car.
Couple of things i noticed this car is very light 60.3gr on my machine and i feel the racers amongst us will want to put some weight up front and in the pod, but for testing i did not.
Right here we go oh better mention i have plastic Carrera track at this point , well it,s B fast in this state on my main straight which is around 15 feet it lifts the front into the straight , on the bends you have to throttle well back running with no weight what with the combination of power of the motor to weight of the car and the tyres you have to watch it, but comes in better as you scrub the tyres.
After the initial running around 20 laps checked the car over and adjusted the braids i prefer something a bit softer but they are ok, time to settle down so did 80 sort of flying laps and i like this car the more i drove it once i was calmer on the throttle it really got going lovely on a track my size which is medium i suppose, it liked the bends brakes spot on for me and really does look the part.
My overall thoughts here we have a very good car going to be a best seller, and when you put it alongside a Slot it Ford GT40 really does look the part.
Finally for the price i paid £49-50 for mine you are getting in my opinion great value as i would have paid more for this car. :D

Brumos RSR's Photo Brumos RSR 08 Jun 2019

Nice write up Mr Gunn

Pauls Slots's Photo Pauls Slots 12 Jun 2019

Need to look into one of these

Caddo's Photo Caddo 12 Jun 2019

Pet hate of mine with light weight/budget cars ,did the chassis and body need baking/straightening?

Peter Gunn's Photo Peter Gunn 13 Jun 2019

A few furthur observations on the P4 , firstly for Caddo, no both the cars i have had nice straight chassis as far as the main structure is concerned , but the 2nd car did have the front right hand corner by the body screw fixing at a differant height to the other side not by much and easily rectified by a bit of hand work.
The body is very flimsy on these cars ultra thin and the join lines along the bottom sills to the main body on the same car could be better , looks like the 3 lugs which fit the sill to the body were not lined up properly before they were glued in place, the rest of the body is fine on both cars as i mentioned like the very clear and flush fitting glazing , nice touch are the. chromed lenses in the wing mirrors.
But it,s on the track that these cars are so very good both have done a lot of track miles now have glued and trued the C1's on the 2nd car and the performance reflects that with the added weight , cornering is a delight , nice flat operation flicking it through the double esses great fun , and after all that's what it is all about.

Caddo's Photo Caddo 13 Jun 2019

Good news, glad its going well, thanks Peter. Is it any match for a late model Slot It, NSR or Thunderslot pre 19775 Le Mans sports car?

Peter Gunn's Photo Peter Gunn 18 Jun 2019

Seems my first P4 was a very good one have two now and the 2nd one is not as good finish wise few issues like join lines and pva glue on the front insert , but nothing like some have bought looking at their reports on that other forum , just hope Policar take note of the pictures and improve their quality control .

Aquakiwi1952's Photo Aquakiwi1952 21 Jun 2019

Mine is good apart from one small blemish.

Posted Image

Peter Gunn's Photo Peter Gunn 21 Jun 2019

I think there may be quite a few people waiting for the body kit to come out for the Policar P4 , especially if like me you buggered up one trying to rectify a couple of the faults i had on my 2nd one , those body sills are not that easy to take of and try to put back on flush to the rest of the body i can tell you.

Wobble's Photo Wobble 09 Jul 2019

My 1st Policar arrived from Slotraceshop today. No apparent blemishes on the body although this car came from the 2nd batch so QC might have been sorted by now. I had some 15x8 alloys and Supergrips for Mkiv ready to go so I've added a bit of ballast in the front of the pod (69gm all up with 43gm over the rear axle) so keen to try it tomorrow evening and hoping it goes as good as it looks.