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Endbell Drive Sidewinder Motor Pods

Caddo's Photo Caddo 07 Jan 2019


Any one know of a source for Mabuchi motor, end bell drive sidewinder pods, similar to the old Slot It classic car pods? They are all can drive pods now.

3D printed is ok.

Cheers Caddo

big den's Photo big den 07 Jan 2019

hi Caddo,

What a coincidence!

I've been trying to find the same thing ... see my posts in the 'New Products' thread.

The ones I thought I'd found were made by Devis 3D Designs but are now out of production AFAIK.

LEB Hobbies website lists them but the illustrations of 'endbell drive pods' don't have the large D-shaped mounting hole where the endbell of an S-Can would snap in.

If you have any Fly cars that are sidewinders with pods you'll see what I mean ... the endbell of the motor (and the large D-shaped mounting) is near the left hand rear wheel.

I would be happy to buy some from the US if I be sure I was getting the right thing.


Caddo's Photo Caddo 10 Jan 2019

All the 1/32 sidewinder pods I can find seem to be can-end drive now unfortunately

big den's Photo big den 10 Jan 2019

You're right Caddo.

BUT ... I am still having discussions with LEB regarding the pictures of the Devis S-can pods.
I'm hoping that it's just the pictures on the website that are incorrect and that there really are end-bell drive pods available.

The point I've made to LEB and have mentioned in the other thread, is that Fly, SRC, Scalextric etc end-bell drive cars all have the larger D-shaped mounting hole closest to the left-hand rear wheel ... obviously because that's where the end-bell is positioned.

I'll keep you posted on any feedback that I get.


Caddo's Photo Caddo 11 Jan 2019

Great! thank you very much! Hoping there is an option there.
Slot It aren't interested in producing any of their old end bell drive sidewinder pods

lenny broke's Photo lenny broke 12 Jan 2019

Not wishing to open the floodgates on Pandora's tin of worms, but why the preference for endbell drive pods?

big den's Photo big den 12 Jan 2019

G'day Alan

Not sure what Caddo's motivation is but for me it's just about building 'fun cars' without having to spend big money on motors e.g I can buy a Scalextric S-Can (endbell drive) for less then half the price of (for example) a Slot.It double-shaft motor.

Think back to the Jag Challenge in NZ where the object was to recycle 30-year-old Scalextric cars.

I also buy quite a bit of S/H stuff and quite often the motors and the rear axle assemblies are OK even though other components might be beyond salvage.

And harking back to Munter's thread about cost versus fun, one of the cars I ran at Phil's last Tuesday was a Scalextric Escort Mk 1 rally car with two lady drivers. Because the original rear wheels were so far out of line I was actually running 50-y-o Formula Junior wheels on the car.

Boss302 was quick to notice ... maybe because it was so slow!


Caddo's Photo Caddo 13 Jan 2019

I'm converting my Scaley cars to 3D printed chassis with sidewinder pods, and want to keep the original Scaley motors.
All the Scaley motors I have are end bell drive with a single shaft.
I'm looking for end bell drive pods top suit the motors.