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Round 16 World Rally Proxy - Mt Salt Panor...

BigC's Photo BigC 31 Dec 2018

My car has arrived safely home.

Thanks to everyone involved in running rounds and particularly for organising the whole event - just packaging the cars up to send them back must have taken up a huge amount of time !

For any UK based slot rally fans, we are running a slot rally at the Oxford Club on 24th February. If you are interested, there are more details here Oxford Slot Rally


kalbfellp's Photo kalbfellp 03 Jan 2019

Our cars arrived back this morning along with two great Trophy’s.
Sent the pics of the kids trophy to them enjoying the Gold Coast at the moment..
Caine is most impressed having a win with the RS200.
I am also pleased to be the top Placed Lancia.
Hopefully I can improve it for next this year.
Thsnk you for all the work Mel and assistants.

snurfen's Photo snurfen 04 Jan 2019

Car arrived back safe and sound this morning Mel, thanks mate.

Gaz, the Mrs says the mini skirt is yabba-dabba-doo! Fits perfectly. Pictures to you via PM.

gazza's Photo gazza 04 Jan 2019

The skirt was intended for you, but if you want to cross dress and share ....... who am i to judge :) :)

slotcarmann's Photo slotcarmann 04 Jan 2019

Hi guys

The two Manx Audis arrived today....thanks for sending them back.

Dave and Barbs

Aquakiwi1952's Photo Aquakiwi1952 05 Jan 2019

Hi Mel,
My RS 200 arrived home safe and sound thanks.

branco's Photo branco 07 Jan 2019

My Metro has found its way back home, cheers.

Mondeo74's Photo Mondeo74 09 Jan 2019

Hi Mel

confirming the RS200 and trophy arrived safely.


charlesx's Photo charlesx 10 Jan 2019

Hi Mel. My Metro and trophy arrived safely today. Thanks again for a great series. Hope my team suggestion is worthy of some consideration if you decide to retain the Scaly Group B cars.

Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)

Ontheflipside's Photo Ontheflipside 29 Jan 2019

View Postcharlesx, on 10 January 2019 - 06:14 PM, said:

Hope my team suggestion is worthy of some consideration if you decide to retain the Scaly Group B cars.

Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)

I haven't forgotten it Chas. Had a lot on my plate for some time now and haven't had a clear mind to get my head around it. I did send your idea to a couple of "long timers" in the WRP but haven't heard from them yet.
I'm possibly on my own with the WRP this year but with some help from most track hosts (which I was very happy and appreciative of last series) I must say entrants in the WRP, to me feel like one big family. B) :rolleyes:
So the KISS principal might need to be adhered to.

Splitrim's Photo Splitrim 01 Feb 2019

Hi Filp,
my car turned up safe and sound ��
Many thanks