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Wobble's Photo Wobble 09 Mar 2019

A sinking ship … time to bail out? - https://www.youtube....h?v=Pg14vZJ1DIc

munter's Photo munter 09 Mar 2019

that about sums it up......

Peter Gunn's Photo Peter Gunn 09 Mar 2019

I try to post things on Auslot as well as Slotforum , but to be honest there is very little going on anywhere which is getting reported i don't do any of this crap like facebook because i,m a dinasour, prefer forums , i also think except for the hardliners in the sport there is very little in the way of young blood coming in to join us.
And us oldies are not imortal as we gradually head of to race on that slot track in the sky ( in my case that one down under so to speak ) there are very few to take things forward.
But i have a few ideas for articles which as time permits i will submit on Auslot. :rolleyes:

mattcrackers's Photo mattcrackers 09 Mar 2019

The forum is nothing like it was when I joined in '09'.

I'm still on here most days, don't say much though, never have.

Now it's all those bloody Kiwis :P and Proxy racing.

I must say though, without those Kiwis there wouldn't be much on Auslot at all.

I'll keep posting pics of my restorations/scratchbuilds etc but I only do as I like talking to myself, shhhh, someone might be listening or looking.

I'm kidding, I do like having a reference of what I've done, especially when they're not my cars and I have to give them back once I've finished them.

I don't mind Facebook for looking for slot car related stuff, but post a picture of what you're having for dinner and I'll p!@s you off.

SlotsNZ's Photo SlotsNZ 09 Mar 2019

View Postmattcrackers, on 09 March 2019 - 07:04 PM, said:

Now it's all those bloody Kiwis :P and Proxy racing.

I knoooooow, hideous, they should be banned

munter's Photo munter 10 Mar 2019

well, I see members here posting stuff on facebook that could be posted here so why is that?

GAS41T's Photo GAS41T 10 Mar 2019

Looks as Iím a vanish with the forums......

munter's Photo munter 10 Mar 2019

I used to come here for conversation, information and inspiration.....bugger all of that here now.

dangermouse's Photo dangermouse 10 Mar 2019

View Postmunter, on 10 March 2019 - 03:51 AM, said:

well, I see members here posting stuff on facebook that could be posted here so why is that?

I will go back to the photo hosting thing. Once that became a pain I stopped posting on a lot of forums and switched over to Facebook groups. I guess that became the habit. It is easier to share a photo or video on a Facebook group - you generally get a quick response if asking a question and notifications to tell you there are new posts or responses to your post. Also if is way easier to post Fb from a mobile device so if I am in the slot room - take a photo share the photo - snap. Whereas that is a bit more of a process on a forum.
As such I am now more inclined to post Fb than the various fora I frequent.

branco's Photo branco 11 Mar 2019

I don't see any Proxy events held via facebook.

munter's Photo munter 11 Mar 2019

true but there are a shed load of other slotcar groups and pages.....some better than others

mattcrackers's Photo mattcrackers 11 Mar 2019

I do see quite a few on various forums saying "I'll never use Facebook".

Their loss I say.

Really shows the age of some people when they comment like that, yes, I'm saying you're old ;)

They're missing out on quite a lot of great content.

And I have to agree with DM, you can post a photo in seconds unlike here where it can take quite a bit of time, even if you know what you're doing.

kalbfellp's Photo kalbfellp 11 Mar 2019

There have been a couple of attempts to organise Proxy on FB and they proved almost impossible to follow.
Forums are the best for reference and organising events.
Local full car racing club just organised a race event via FB but then had to have an actual site for rules and entries,
FB was only good to attract entrants.

GAS41T's Photo GAS41T 12 Mar 2019

39 is that old ????

Facebook is for drama & braggers
And for people that want friends!!!
Edited by GAS41T, 12 March 2019 - 09:38 AM.

mattcrackers's Photo mattcrackers 12 Mar 2019

Haha, you're a young fella GAS.

Definitely agree it's for braggers, look what I had for breakfast, lunch, dinner is my of my pet hates.

Some of my friends say to me 'Didn't you see it on Facebook?".

Then get upset when I tell them that I blocked them when they were posting pictures of food while on holiday sometime back.

How can you enjoy a holiday when your on your phone 24/7.

Don't understand why but they all seem to get a bit upset.

Facebook does has it's good and bad points, but there is a lot more slot car content on Facebook at the moment then there is on the forums.