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Scaleauto Sc 6005

toast's Photo toast 02 Sep 2018

hi all

very quick question , have an up coming enduro event and are looking at running the SCALEAUTO SC 6005 , but i have to change the motor as not allowed to run the scaleauto , and instead have to run brm short can ,sloit orange endbell, or the nsr shark red motor , would all these fit or not really as dont want to get the car and them spend ages remoulding etc to fit the motor



kalbfellp's Photo kalbfellp 03 Sep 2018

From memory the Radical comes with adapters to suit the Short can Mubuchi motors.

Big Mick2's Photo Big Mick2 03 Sep 2018

True Phil and for the race Toast is talking about you can use a slotit inline pod and they go as I am sure you know straight into the Scaleauto

Loved your car in the Tasman by the way

Big Mick

kalbfellp's Photo kalbfellp 03 Sep 2018

Shame it did not go better. The chassis is good now with the joints repaired and realigned.

toast's Photo toast 03 Sep 2018

cheers guys