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The Policar (Slot.it) Track System

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Sheesh been too long between updates.

Quick summary - planned standard track sections are now available - 3 lengths of straight and 4 curve radii.

Adapters to Ninco, original Polistil and Fleischmann. You could even use the adapter to Ninco then an Ninco adapter to Scalex Classic, and an adapter between Scalex classic and Scalex Sport.

The only track systems you cannot adapt to at this stage are Carrera, Artin and Monogram/Revell

The first set, a plain packed set with R2 radii curves came out late last year - Armchair Racer already has these in stock.



And a smaller starter set with R1 curves and a sub $200 price point has just been released



Someone, somewhere has done a series of video reviews. This is the summary one



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Well done Policar/Slot it, a seriously good option for the plastic brigade. I'm tempted.

2019 NZ RTR Nationals Gt 3rd

2017 NZ RTR Nationals NSR Classic 2nd

2017 NZ RTR Nationals Group C 3rd

2017 NSR Classic Challenge 3rd

2015 NSR Classic Challenge 2nd

2014 NSR Classic Challenge 3rd

2015 Garden City Invitation Overall Champion

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Professor Motor now have two controller models which come pre-wired for Policar Power base.



PMTR2148 Electronic entry level (basically the same as PMTR2120 positive polarity, but with the 3.5mm plug in Policar pin order instead of alligator clips)

They are also altering one internal component on the 2148, so that optimal operating voltage is from 8 to 13.5, variable voltage supplies can be used practically.


PMTR2149 35 ohm resistor

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Galileo/Policar/Slot.it has just announced two new parts.


P018-1 Banana to 3.5mm stereo jack adapter (SCP or similar to Policar plug wiring)


P019-1 Polarity inversion cable (to convert Scalextric wired resistor controllers to Policar wiring)

- Do not use this cable with negative polarity electronic controllers


They also announced at Nuremberg, that they will begin making 22.5 degree turns on all 4 radii this year, and showed the first of them; the Radius 2


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