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Nsr Porsche 908/3

SlotsNZ's Photo SlotsNZ 02 May 2018

Quoting their website.

NSR's objective is to make a Classic car using modern technology, so high tech ‘Ready To Race’. It needed to be competitive straight out the box.
The Porsche 908/3 is an innovative model with high tech components, highly performing on track still respecting the scale modellistic aspect."

So to translate their english translation, " We have made a car focused on going snot fast"

The first livery was as is so often the case across brands in the slot world - not going to win the beauty pageant

Posted Image

The second take; which has come along just a few weeks later is now here

Posted Image

All reports I have seen, say this is possibly their quickest classic sports model.

There are some changes to the mechanics which it is worth knowing in advance if you need to change any parts

Posted Image Posted Image

The pod is a little different - note the cut out at the back, in step with the convex forward protrusion on the chassis

Posted Image Posted Image

A new axle bush with minimum contact area of lowest friction. The motor is the usually shark 20k with slightly angleset sidewinder

It will be very interesting to compare results alongside prior models when the NSR Classic is raced in Nelson, NZ injust a few days

manimmal's Photo manimmal 04 May 2018

Snot fast as it happens is very fast. On my track my white one is my quickest NSR classic. I'll be on the yellow one too shortly, because more than one of a good thing is a good thing, or good things, something like that.

Caddo's Photo Caddo 04 May 2018

A match for a Thunderslot?

manimmal's Photo manimmal 04 May 2018

I haven't put it up against the t70 coupe yet (forgot about it), and my spyder i can't dial the chatter out of. I'll try on Sunday when my mates are over.

Alfahorn's Photo Alfahorn 05 May 2018

The NSR 908 is very quick , the fastest of the NSR Classics . In a week the NSR Classic Challenge is being held in Nelson with 50 participants . This event will no doubt show just how good the 908 is . A Thunderslot shootout is also being held and results should show the Lola spyder is marginally faster ( based on racing to date ) . Keep an eye out for the results .

Caddo's Photo Caddo 06 May 2018

If you could please quote heat times/distances and the track length that would be great,thanks guys

Good luck with the racing


GRUNZ's Photo GRUNZ 08 May 2018

Some says that the 908 is quicker than the TS lola...

GRUNZ's Photo GRUNZ 20 May 2018

And some says that the 908 new pod is very fragile...any pictures of the broken pods down in Nelson?

manimmal's Photo manimmal 20 May 2018

On my track on Friday night the Thunderslot Lola T70 coupe had a margin on the 908/3. No pod failures to speak of. My second 908/3 is enroute so we'll soon see what more usedoes to lap speed.
I tinkered on my t70 Spyder and it's more drivable than before, but still plenty of potential to unlock. It got hosed by both cars.
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Big Mick2's Photo Big Mick2 21 May 2018

Put the optional suspension kit in the T Slot. Worth .3 a lap for me

SlotsNZ's Photo SlotsNZ 02 Jun 2018

A belated update on the speed of the Porsche 908 versus the other NSR Classic models - and versus the Thunderslot Lola

A reminder of the track for the event. It is pretty fast and flowing. The outside lane of the hook-turn at left below was full throttle once you had buttoned
off for the the left hook on entry, you could then run clockwise in shot all the way around the right turn full noise and back up past the driver stations.

Posted Image Posted Image

Well as it turned out, the majority of the top 10 places went to Porsche 908s. But then you could consider it a self-fulfilling prophecy, as most of the guys
we know to have received Schumaker blood by remote transfusion - had chosen a 908.

I think one notable exception was Graeme Saxton, Capitaine of the Pitlane Slot club, Dunedin; whose was right at the pointy end with his P68.
I was taking careful note of lap times by various drivers through the weekend, and I don't think there was that much in it between models.
Then when a number of those top drivers drove Tony's loaned Thunderslots on Sunday, they were a similar margin ahead of other drivers
"the next level down" on a same car basis.

So much of their advantage on the Sunday race was driver skill, not even car setup, or model advantage.

What IS different with the 908 is that I think it is a very easy car to set up correctly, and the majority of the pointy end had opted to fit a spring kit - which I
wasn't aware was legal until close to the day, and too late for me to fit, learn and test. So I just had a floppy pod.
- I broke one pod and didn't tape the replacement to the chassis.
Westy who knows the setup inside out felt that the spring kit just made it a lot quicker and easier to get an optimal setup. I guess if I'd had track time early on,
I might have also fitted one and messed with the screw settings.

All said, I achieved practice lap times in the low 4.1s, and on race day only two drivers recorded laps under 4 seconds if I recall correctly.
My best lap time in-race was in the 4.2s

Also on Sunday, the lap times for the Thunderslot Lolas were pretty much the same as the NSR Classics. Low 4s, and just a couple or 3 guys breaking into the 3s.
I think Dion D.G. did a high 3.8, the others 3.9s.

branco's Photo branco 02 Jun 2018

Nice write up SlotsNZ.

My take on why the 908 was a popular choice is two-fold,

1) only 2 screws attaching chassis to body, allowing some nice floating action

2) lack of bodywork behind rear axle, 4 wheels in four corners.

munter's Photo munter 02 Jun 2018

Is this the fastest plastic 1/32 scale slotcar?

manimmal's Photo manimmal 03 Jun 2018

Tonight the 908/3 set the new lap record at Masonite Mountain. The new record beats the Thunderslot Lola T70 coupe by 2/100ths. There's nothing between the two. The NSR feels more powerful, The thunderslot more stable. Both are top level slot cars and on any given day the best driver will win.

Caddo's Photo Caddo 04 Jun 2018

I haven't come up against a 908 yet.

The Thunderslots have been beaten in our last couple of meets by Slot It Ferrari 312's & NSR P68's.

Someone will buy a 908 soon. Not me though, don't like the body shape at all.

The P68 is a Ford & decades ahead of it's time :)

GRUNZ's Photo GRUNZ 04 Jun 2018

If I read you right Mark, I find the NSR classic rules are a bit odd: on the one hand you cannot use any extra parts that do not come with the car (like washers on the rear axle to reduce friction) but you can get the suspension kit in! Is that correct or I misunderstood you?

Personally I am waiting for a white kit of the 908. In the meantime I am putting a TS spyder on a diet and see how it performs.

SlotsNZ's Photo SlotsNZ 04 Jun 2018

View PostGRUNZ, on 04 June 2018 - 11:35 AM, said:

If I read you right Mark, I find the NSR classic rules are a bit odd: on the one hand you cannot use any extra parts that do not come with the car (like washers on the rear axle to reduce friction) but you can get the suspension kit in! Is that correct or I misunderstood you?

Personally I am waiting for a white kit of the 908. In the meantime I am putting a TS spyder on a diet and see how it performs.

Yeah, I thought you had to run all original parts including tyres, but when I got there, a lot of guys had spring kits and some at least were running ultra-grips. I doubt having a spring kit fitted would have made much difference if any to my placing. - The guys in front of me represented just a lot of good drivers, and some good builders. And Tony said he had built about half the field.

The interesting thing was - as I did 3 years ago, - I put my stock/blueprinted Matra that is my own go-to for 65 80s racing onto Tony's track, and ran some aps Thursday while it was quiet.
I ran the same lap times as I eventually got from the 908 - I had it down to 4.2 after about 5 laps and cracked 4.1 after a quarter hour of general tyre tape cleaning and getting used to the track

That is my speed measure. 3 years ago it was 2 /10ths faster than my NSR 917.