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3D Chassis Problem

Peter Gunn's Photo Peter Gunn 15 Apr 2018

Hi all been using 3d chassis for some time now and have come up with a problem on using them with Scalextric bodies had 2 crack across the front of the front axle holders after off's , both times with a 3d Camero chassis , have found the problem is caused by fixing the front end of the old chassis which you have to cut of and glue to the front of the 3d chassis which makes the front end flimsy as the chassis is pretty thin and flexes in your hand without any on track problems on top , have now cured this and thought i would pass it on, araldited a piece of 1mm thick by 15mm long piano wire from the axle mounting on each side to the body mounting posts along the inside of the chassis let it cure for 24 hours and what a differance stiffens the front up a lot and cured the cracking problem, actually delibratly came of just to find out , of course you can use any form of glue type fixing like araldite.
On 3D chassis having trouble noted in the Slot car Illustrated Touring car proxy the current leader has had the rear of his chassis break off in a crash there food for thought .