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With a resolution or two in hand,

1) get back to some lagging projects

2) DO NOT store anything on the tracks


Following Mac's lead and with the only digital track in the area, I embarked on a project to build sets of cars, so we might some quiet Sunday try racing on my digital track.


I have had 3 Scaly E30 BMW's built for a while and running ok - lead is your friend, time to build #4.

I clearly made careful notes when I did the first 3, which tyres and wheels etc, and apart from being a set of rear wheels missing, (probably used on something else), it was looking easy peasy.


Built the pod up, installed the chip, wired rear lights. Struggle to get front wheel off the axle - looked like someone build it with a dab of superglue. Mount tyres as speced in my list! there is no way they are what is fitted to the other three.PyvelGNm.jpg

3 completed cars







The offending oversize tyre.


bugger, now I have no idea what tyres are on the front of the first 3 cars.

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Peter - I have a heap of really thin-as tyres I have taken off recent builds. Some may be suitable for that front.


- Also, if you're still around, would like to grab the rest of that roll of ScaleAuto skirt back from you - I can drive out tonight as I need to go out there to get my sister to sign some docs as well.

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Hi Mark,

We are home so feel free to drop in.

I found some tyres the same size/shape as the others in my future scenery box. By the time I true them and give them a coat of superglue compound makes no difference.


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