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Happy Birthday Terry

slo1quick's Photo slo1quick 10 Dec 2017

Happy 70th Terry....
Bit of a milestone! Hope you got enjoy it family and loved ones....
Good luck with the impending Canadian GP too...

jimmyslots 1950's Photo jimmyslots 1950 11 Dec 2017

Happy 70th Terry & hope you have many more,good to see you are still in the hobby after all these years.
Coulden't find a suitable Birthday card so this cartoon describes where we are at. Posted Image Cheers :rolleyes:

terry's Photo terry 11 Dec 2017

Thanks Stu, Jimmy,

Still waiting for the results for the final 2 rounds of the proxy, its nice to be competitive,

Can't imagine what I would be doing without slots Jim, like you I just love getting into the hobby, racing still enjoyable but tinkering around with the cars is what is the best