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Red Racer - 2017 Enduro Titles December 3

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Hi all, there has been a lot of interest in this event and now have 9 teams wanting to race.


Teams entered are:

Narangba 1 - Simon & Andrew

Narangba 2 - Sean & Richard

WW Racing - Werner & John

Kiwi Racing - Grant & Gerald

Team Wannabe - Steve & Paul

Bat L Ax - Noel & Kim

Old Flaggy's - John & Glynn

Outsiders - Nick & Greg

Zone 4 - Allan and Eric


A few changes have been made to the classes and revisions have been made to comply with the National Ruleset so this race can have the following classifications.

9am to 11am SLOTWORX V8 - 2 hour State Title teams race -

The Slotworx National ruleset which states for motor & Gears: a) "13d motors like Plafit or SRP to be specified before race." Therefore for this event the Fox 4 motor is specified. All gearing and all other aspects to National Slotworx Rules.

12 to 2 pm SCALEAUTO 2 hour State TitleTeam race - This only applies to the 2016/2017 rule set for the SC 8000 chassis to 2016/17 rules with 1.8 mm start clearance. Motors - Scaleauto Enduro 12/44 & NSR 10/44.

For those choosing to run the new chassis ( SC8003) a formal ruleset is not in place yet so for this event cars must have a minimum of 1mm clearance and the Standard Scaleauto Endurance motor only - Note - No lexan body parts - Standard interior and windows must be used.

Trophys for the new class will be called Scaleauto Production.

3pm to 5pm Lexan GT3 - 2 hour State Title teams race. Cars to National rules. Note. Gearing is now standard 12/44 and SRP longcan motor to comply with National Rules.

General Rules:

Event will have a maximun of 2 hours race time - two drivers per team sharing the race time equally.

All cars may run either Scaleauto or Plafit Black Magic tyres. All classes minimum start clearance of 1mm, ( except SC8000 - 1.8mm ). Cars will be checked for clearance at halftime. Any cars deemed to be too low ( less than .5mm) will be removed from the track. All mechanical repairs and tyre changes can only be executed under green (during race time) - no work on cars during lane changes


Trophy's will be presented for each class straight after each event. There will also be a concours prize for both Slotworx V8 and GT3.

Racing costs will be $15 per driver per class.

These rules are now final. Any Team changes or late entry Teams please PM me.

Looking forward to a great event and seeing everyone trackside.

Kim Axton

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Trophies have arrived for this event.. With the help of fellow racers Simon Wakelin and Peter Shannon I think slot car trophies have just gone to a new level.


Cant wait to present these... I'm pretty sure the racers will really want one!


5a1a9ed8b634e_NumberPlate8_50.jpg.c5b419dac6301f240bdb72e1108dcdb3.jpgThe race format has changed slightly with Scaleauto as the first class to run at 9am followed by the V8's

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SCALEAUTO GT racing to 2016/17 National ruleset

8 x 15 minute brackets

1st Narangba 1 - simon & Andrew 829 laps

2nd Narangba 2 - Sean & Richard 791 laps

3rd Outsiders - Nick & Greg 789 laps

4th Old Flaggy's - John & Glynn 667 laps


SCALEAUTO new GT carbon fibre production class

8 x 15 minute brackets

1st Bat L Axx - Noel & Kim 811 laps

2nd WW Racing - Werner & John 807 laps

3rd Kiwi Racing - Grant & Gerald 757 laps

4th Wanabee - Steve & Paul 748 laps



9 x 12 minute brackets

1st WW Racing - Werner & John 677 laps

2nd Narangba 1 - Simon & Andrew 667 laps

3rd Bat L Axx - Noel & Kim 666 laps

4th Narangba 2 - Sean & Richard 654 laps

5th Outsiders - Nick & Greg 630 laps

6th Kiwi Racing - Grant & Gerald 622 laps

7th Wannabe - Steve & Paul 621 laps

8th Old Flaggy's - John & Glynn 558 laps

9th Zone 4 - Allan & Eric 503 laps



9 x 12 Minute Brackets

1st WW Racing - Werner & John 738 laps

2nd Bat L Axx - Noel & Kim 733 laps

3rd Narangba 1 - Simon & Andrew 729 laps

4th Wanabee - Steve & Paul 726 laps

5th Kiwi - Bruce & Gerald 709 laps

6th Narangba 2 - Sean & Richard 702 laps

7th Zone 4 - Allan & Norm 670 laps

8th Outsiders - Nick & Greg 660 laps

9th Old Flaggy's - John & Glynn 567 laps

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Glynn from the "Old Flaggy's" race team was one the first lucky reciepent's of Cams beautiful new Slotworx bodies. Glynn presented an immaculate Shell / Pirtek car to win concours at the Queensland Enduro titles at Red Racer last weekend.

Ironically, Glynns car was exactly the same as the one on the "number plate" trophy's we presented for the event...

Thanks Cam, for the producing these outstanding body's .. The details and extra bits you get with the new range of bodies will make anyone proficient in the art of car presentation...


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