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Happy B/day Aquakiwi

David Carter's Photo David Carter 07 Oct 2017

happy birthday Alan hope you have a great day

shadow_rusty's Photo shadow_rusty 07 Oct 2017

Happy birthday mate. Have a great one.

Make sure to take it easy and run some laps...
Oh, and use the "it's my birthday so I should win" technique.

SlotsNZ's Photo SlotsNZ 07 Oct 2017

Evening Alan,

hope you've had a goodie - and remember, we're only old once, so we may as well make the most of it :)

branco's Photo branco 08 Oct 2017

Hope you had a great day Alan

munter's Photo munter 08 Oct 2017

Belated best wishes Alan, build on, dive on, live on....

Aquakiwi1952's Photo Aquakiwi1952 09 Oct 2017

Thanks guys, had a great day although a bit of sadness as my mother passed away a few days prior, no slotting tho, havent got track set up after moving but lots of room, trouble is may be shifting to even more room :D :D .....so may be a three laner as well as my Rally loop :lol: :lol: have to get Branco up with his router :D
Edited by Aquakiwi1952, 09 October 2017 - 07:49 AM.

branco's Photo branco 09 Oct 2017

Packed and ready!!!!