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P. R .

Undara Circuit

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Well the track is up and running after the move.

Just need to find some racers in the Forster area now.

If anyone is around this area just pm me, for the address.


Cheers Paul...

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Nah, Just sanded the surface down to make it smooth first.

To see how it is as it rubbers up, Can't be the same as everyone else.


Cheers Paul...

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A few of us made the road trip up to Paul's last weekend to keep in touch with racers that have moved out of the local scene, Charlie was included in the itinerary but the grandchild took precedent over slotcars, and Charlie ended up down in Sydney on the saturday


4 hours out of Sydney is just like a round trip on Pennant Hills road in peak hour, so time just flew by


We lobbed up mid morning (Paul had just got out of bed) had coffee, talked shite, dumped our bags in the rooms, bed choice is important at this alcohol free stage, down the local woolies and grog shop.


Lunch then racing .......


Bring one of everything was the track hosts choice .......... and we did


Some of the action ......




NC-1 Classics are always fun and close









Happy host






Not a big turn out, but the important people were there




















As the night wore on taking pictures became pointless as they all turned out blurred, we latter found out it wasn't the camera


A good night was had by all and the B&E rolls in the morning were defiantly a heart starter


Big thanks the Paul and Julie for the hospitality




Thanks Babe

Quickly read this post before it is deleted or i turn grey again



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Hopefully we can make this an ongoing thing with the Sydney boys.

Always good to catch up and have a race of course...


Cheers Paul...

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