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Way2Fast Bathurst 100Km

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On the back of the successful SlotWorx enduro, this is a quick place holder post for our next big event...

Rules have yet to be finalised, but it will most likely be 1/32 Classic Bathurst 1000 cars...


The 100km (3680 Laps / 460 per lane) should be reached well under 8 hours.

The SlotWorx 4hour Enduro reached ~70km.


The event will be run 2 weeks before Bathurst, on September the 16th.




More details and rules to follow soon...

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8 Hour / 100Km Bathurst Endurance Race

Saturday 16 September 2017

Way2Fast will open at 9.00am on Saturday for the event.

Practice will be from 9.00am to 9.30am with all cars to be provided for scrutineering by 9.30am - cars will then remain in park-ferme until just before the 10.00am race start.

The only work allowed on cars between 9.30am and 10.00am will be to rectify any illegalities found at scrutineering.

- The race will consist of 16 x 25 minute heats on the 8 lane grey track.

- Each team will race in each lane twice over the 8 hours.

- Your first lane will be drawn from a hat at the track at 9.30am on race day.

- The last heat will run until the first team reaches 3680 Laps/100Km.

- The Race Co-ordinator timing system will be used and include fuel management, expecting 2 stops per heat.

- Teams will change lanes as directed by the race coordinator.

- Recommended 4 people per team

- Cost per Team; $100

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Race Rules


Eligible cars must have run in the Bathurst 500/1000 between 1962 – present day

i.e. Mini cooper, E Type Jag, VW Beetle, Ford Mustang, XB Falcon, Escort, Cortina or Sierra Cosworth, BMW 2002, M3 & E30, Chevy Camaro 68 or 72, Torana or Holden and Ford V8’s.


Body / Chassis

- Bodies and chassis must be as original, though repainted or fictional liveries are permitted

- No additional material may be used to modify a car body and no lightening of a body shell is permitted (small ‘tabs’ where the body attaches to the chassis may be removed to allow ‘float’).

- Wheel arches may not be modified in any way. Minor skimming of wheel arches to prevent fouling (of original size/width wheels and tyres) and to accommodate previous rules or regulations is permitted

- Bodies must not be lowered over the chassis in any way. Spacers may be used to separate body and chassis.

- Bodies must be fitted with the original interior and driver. Lights do not need to function

- Chassis may be trimmed by a total of 2mm overall clearance (1mm per side) to allow free body movement

- Chassis may be braced provided bracing is not metal of any kind and is secured in place with glue only

- Suspension kits not permitted unless OEM original equipment fitted as standard - eg Ninco Sierra



- Guides and braid are free, however the guide post must be mounted in it’s original chassis position


Whells and Tyres

- Rims and Tyres must be of same or smaller dimensions MJK or OEM tyres only

- Alloy rims must run with inserts



- 18k ‘FC130’, Carrera/Scaley/H&R or SRP (No pioneer) with 11/36, 11/34, 12/36 or 9/27 gear ratio

- FF 050 ‘FK130’ with 8/27, 9/30 or 9/27 gear ratio



- No Magnets

- No Podded Chassis

- No modern 12hr GT cars

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It appears that we have ~7 Confirmed teams for this weekends 8 hour Bathurst enduro.


Should be another great event...

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According to Wiki, mustangs were only run in 84-86, which I believe was the awful "Mustang 2"...



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Today was a great event.

We had 7 teams run the enduro, and there was some great racing.

It took 7:56 for the front running team to make the required distance.


3680.9 / 6.699 - Paul - Scaley Camaro

3624.6 / 6.659 - Pat - Scaley XC Falcon

3507.1 / 7.067 - Gordon - Pioneer Camaro

3455.3 / 6.839 - Matty - Scaley FG Falcon

3439.4 / 7.233 - Michael - Spirit Golf

3377.9 / 6.983 - Dave - Scaley Camaro

2981.8 / 7.147 - Bob - Scaley Sierra




Thank you all very much for coming.

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Some pix of the day.


The cars. Don't diss the Golf, it went surprisingly well.




Getting ready










And a short video of the race.



We had a good race with the XC. The first 8 heats we were off the pace, losing 45 laps on 1st place but we finally got some grip and only lost 11 laps over the last 8 heats for 2nd place.


Roll on next year!

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May the downforce be with you.

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Thanks Paul for the photos and videos.



As for names, I'm not entirely sure, as my names are not my forte, but here's my best effort...


Paul (Barby) / Jack / Ian (Kart.68) - Scaley Camaro

Pat (Chunda) / Paul (Sports Racer) / Alvaro / Stewart / Ben - Scaley XC Falcon

Gordon / Jason (Brooksy) / ??? / ??? - Pioneer Camaro

Matty / ??? - Scaley FG Falcon

Michael (Shadow_Rusty) / Mitchell - Spirit Golf

Dave / Roger / ??? - Scaley Camaro

Bob / Matt / Alvaro / Phil - Scaley Sierra

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