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B/day Shadowrusty

David Carter's Photo David Carter 10 Jul 2017

happy birthday shadowrusty
hope the day is great and full of family and friends
and some new slotty stuff

munter's Photo munter 10 Jul 2017

rust never sleeps eh?
happy born day
Best wishes from across the Tasman

shadow_rusty's Photo shadow_rusty 10 Jul 2017

Thanks heaps guys.

Been a good one on the slots front..
Scaley classic f1 twin pack
SCX West McLaren
1/35 vending machine kit
1/35 workshop tools kit
1/35 Concrete barrier kit
White metal fire extinguishers
White metal pit tools

Capri-corn7's Photo Capri-corn7 12 Jul 2017

what a nice haul !! & Happy birthday for yesterday

shadow_rusty's Photo shadow_rusty 12 Jul 2017

Definately was a nice haul.
(Thanks All)

Oh, and the barrier kit also had a mold for making plaster jersey barriers...
Only done 4 so far, but they look great.

Sports Racer's Photo Sports Racer 12 Jul 2017

Missed it by 2 days. :blink:

Happy birthday Michael.

shadow_rusty's Photo shadow_rusty 12 Jul 2017

Thanks Paul...

And no drama's.