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Multiple Timing Spots On A Single Lane Track

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I'm building a single lane track and would like to have a few timing points so I can compare times on different parts of the track. I also want overall lap time.


I'll probably use Race Coordinator, set it up for 4 lanes and use 3 of the lanes as timing points with the 4th lane as overall lap time.


Is it possible to have one timing point trigger the start time for the next timing point and not interfere with the timing point that does the lap time?





May the downforce be with you.

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Dave has a two segment option working for RC but you need extra sensors.

The UI screen will need to be custom built for more segments

I think the present software allows for 3 segments.

I had it working using two segments and two sensors using Daves UI screen.

But I want 3 segments so have now moved the sensor and added another.

I have been busy and not progressed far with building the UI screen.

I did did play with 4 lane setup but while it worked the results had to be exported and calculated for what I wanted.

But for just tuning a car is does work.

Have a look thru the RC videos posted on Slotforum by Dave to see it working.



Hobart Miniature Car Club


Tassie Resins










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