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2017 Tasman Cup Race 4 Marsden Park

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Thanks Stubbo,


I'm sure I have this issue every year and I'm sure every year I ask for help in getting this up on the forum, I need a good slap!

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Before I pack the cars up and send them on their way, may I just comment on a few observations I have after running round 4.


There doesn't seem much point in going over each cars performance as I'm sure you already know what car does what and why isn't my car going better?


But.... The most obvious thing was that the front cars are all well prepared or have been fine tuned over some time to achieve the result they got, Phil likes to build his cars the day before shipping, but he may be the exemption, as I'm sure he could build a race ready car with his eyes closed underwater, but for us mere mortals these things take a bit longer. Sometimes a lot longer.


The real good cars in the field were the ones which have been around for a while, FPR7 Elfin, John Batichs Brabham, Lenny's Cooper come to mind, Peter Gunns BRP, Max's Lotus, are others.


Another thing is weight, 2 cars in the field had good speed, but ordinary results, unfortunately one car was mine and the other car was OLD23's Cooper, both fairly light and both cars were unpredictable in as much that they would deslot without warning, both cars losing the front end, potentially OLD23 had a podium car, mine certainly could have been a lot better, as much as I tried to be aware of these cars failings I still deslotted, bearing that a deslot would cost around 3-5 secs then it does have a dramatic effect on the result, I think my Brabham came in at 57 grams and OLD23's Cooper about the same, generally most of the field were over 60 grams the podium guys all 61-62 grams.


Was that bit of extra weight beneficial? Probably, but not the silver bullet fix, obviously along with very well sorted cars and tyres.


Anyway thats my rant over with, i was just airing my inner most thoughts, and I do feel much better, thank you.

Edited by terry

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Hi Guys,

Thanks to Terry for running round 4 and well done to the Grand kids and Grandad on their podium spots.

If Phil was surprised with my car's result, imagine my reaction then!!!

It looks like there's still a bit of life left in the conveyance yet.

Thanks for all the nice comments about #4 Terry, not bad for a bowl of Chumpy Chunks eh?? Planning a new car for next year so ol' Lex can have a rest.


Cheers, Alan


ps. I've been a bit remiss in not posting for the previous 2 rounds so Thanks to everyone involved in the South Island leg and well done to all the place getters.

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Thanks Terry for running this round & the other tracks owners & drivers previous to this round .

Congratulations to the podium just ahead of me. Thanks Terry for your appraisal of Mel's Elfin. Seems it is consistent in the results so I am happy with that.

Looking forward to the cars arriving a FPR. I am getting ready to checking the cars out and with some help from the other drivers for round 5 deciding on the best constructed car. A trophy will be selected , engraved and somehow delivered to the winner.

The four drivers are ready and doing the physical training to be able to drive these little wonders at their best,

The day for the Round 5 should be Saturday the 24th of June on the FPR track . Results may be a little delayed as we also have the FPR Adelaide F1 Championship in 1/32 & 1/24 after the Tasman Proxy is run . With a bit of help though we will publish the results a day or 2 after

the 24th. I put the two events on the same day as a couple of the drivers have to travel an hour or so to get to FPR so saves them 2 trips.

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Thanks Terry for running this round and for your analysis of the (under) performance of my car on race days. The #11 Cooper seems to be fast but has an unpredictable, evil understeer problem. Despite qualifying well, it wants to finish around mid-field in every race. I guess that's where it will remain for the rest of the series. I really must finish my cars earlier and find a way to test them before sending them off.

Congrats to my betters at the top of the order.



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