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Happy Birthday Wobble

David Carter's Photo David Carter 05 May 2017

have a great day with family and hope you get some slot pressies

Wobble's Photo Wobble 05 May 2017

Thanks Dave, I know there's a Pioneer Dodge Charger coming my way but I don't think it'll quite get here today

branco's Photo branco 05 May 2017

Best wishes for today Wobble

shadow_rusty's Photo shadow_rusty 05 May 2017

Happy birthday mate.
Here's hoping the Pioneer was sent express and it arrives today.


slotmadmac's Photo slotmadmac 05 May 2017

Happy Birthday!

munter's Photo munter 05 May 2017

Good one, Bram....enjoy yourself.

Wobble's Photo Wobble 05 May 2017

Thanks guys. My better half just rolled up with a General Grant Dodge Charger that was sent to her salon by overnight courier. Neat looking piece of gear and it'll be a shame to scratch it but it must be raced.

Also had the day off to please myself what I got up to and spent some time on this Revell Snaptite Mustang and needless to say there's a Pioneer chassis under it.


looks better in primer

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aquakiwi's Photo aquakiwi 05 May 2017

All the best Bram, keep them builds a coming.