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Oz Rally Update And Points

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The Oz Rally cars are now in Tassie for the final two rounds.

Boss 302 has them ready for the round at Bat Florio Hillclimb that usually produces some interesting results.


I have corrected a couple of errors in the Points score and the corrected scores are posted below.




Craig has a very good points lead over Mel and they look hard to catch.




Historics look like it is all over with Keith having a 12 point lead and a fantastic run apart from the first round.




The Raids are very close at the top it impossible to predict any winner. The next two rounds will be interesting for these.



Hobart Miniature Car Club


Tassie Resins










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Sitting nervously in 3rd at the moment.

Best of luck on the final 2 rounds...

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First time up the pointy end for a while in a proxy , Raids are going to be close . Funny though the Metro in the historics was the one I was banking on out of the 3 classes of cars. Fingers toes and anything else I can cross.



"You can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

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Righty oh - been rather busy of late training so barely have spare time however I finally got around to fixing up the scoring.


I'll admit the naming of the rounds has made things tremendously difficult and complicated with different rounds having the same name and some places running certain classes and others not. Anyways it's all sorted now as I diligently went through each round.


Ideally to match the results the following Topics should be renamed:


Round 4 Wrc & Historics "streets Of Oakhurst" - this should be renamed to Round 3[/b]

Oz Rally Raids Round 9 - rename to Round 10


You'll notice that Raids don't have a Round 4 as they didn't run at Bens.


The next round should be Round 11 for a classes.


Anyways enough of the kuffufle and on with the updated results.













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Thanks for the update.


Great little battle between Gas and I for 2nd in historics...

My Porka has been mounting a late charge...


Fingers and toes are totally crossed. :)

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All my cars seem to slow down for some unknown reason and I've drove all of the cars so ????????

Thanks to all entrants and hosts

I think I'll give this proxy a miss as I'm struggling to understand how a car can have its tyres taken off and ran with no penalties and just a few other things that puzzles me ......


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