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Peter Gunn

Scaleauto Ford Rs 200 R Series ( Mateus )

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Having run MSC Fords for sometime was interested to give this Ford a try out, firstly the body and drivers platform is the MSC one but i think the finish is better quite glossy in fact, the chassis is the differance here much stiffer and fitted with a hard anglewinder pod carrying their Tech 1 20k long can , geared at 12x27 usual sprung guide , plastic front wheels and alloy rears and the band 4wd system .

Straight away found the car very similar to the Subaru which i tested a couple of months ago and had the same characteristics as regards the shimmy from the band system mainly the front wheels needed the slop taken out of them and that cured that but i am not a lover of this band system and did remove it after the test, speed is very good tyres are adequate to the task and the car all round is pretty good the motor is lively for a 20k good brakes as well , after 50 laps did check it over and gave the bearings and motor a drop of oil and carried on and the car did improve with running as most new cars do , my thoughts on this car are for £56-99 bit towards the pricy end not sure where you would race it in anglewinder form as a lot of clubs run inline set ups on rally cars, one problem i did have was the front top axle screws kept coming loose with running the car a fair bit so the front axle was floating about which did cause a few deslots but a drop of superglue solved that.

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