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2017 Amr Cox Cup

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After the success of the inaugural running of the AMR Cox Cup last year, we are holding it again this year. So for your chance to get your name on the perpetual trophy come along in May:



Adelaide Model Raceway

Presents the 2nd running of the



Cox Cup

Sports Car Race

for 1/24th Scale Cox Sports Cars

May 26th 2017




  • Original 36D Cox Slot Cars Only
  • Bodies available; Lotus 40, Cheetah, Ford GT40, Chaparral 2, Chaparral 2D
  • Bodies can have replacement parts
  • Choose from the fixed gearing chassis, adjustable gearing chassis or the ackermann steering chassis (16D chassis not eligible)
  • AMR 24001 rear tyres only
  • 36D can be modified internally
  • No extra weight anywhere (body and chassis), although repairs are acceptable
  • Race consists of 8 x 5 min brackets. Race starts at 8:30pm
  • Perpetual trophy (no entry fee)




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This year was the 2nd running of the Cox Cup. We thought the Cox cars deserved their own race, given they have been off the Adelaide GP program for some time now. The race is a little longer than our normal races, consisting of 8 brackets of 5 minutes each. With some cancellations we ended up with 8 runners for the 2017 Cox Cup.

On a personal level, I had two cars to choose from - a Lotus 40 and a Cheetah (last year's winning car). After I did some small tweeks to the Lotus 40, it was running sweetly. It has more brakes than my Cheetah and thus would punch out slightly better lap times. I was nearly to the point of considering it when the motor moved and the gearing mesh got mucked up. This made my decision easy - the Cheetah it was. Kym (last year's runner-up) decided to run his Chaparral 2D with fixed gearing chassis. Entrants were:

Alby - Cheetah

BillH - Lotus 40

Charlie - Chaparral 2D (adj chassis)

John - Lotus 40

Kym - Chaparral 2D

Lew - Lotus 40

Michael - Lotus 40

Wade - Cheetah



Given we race on lane numbers not colours, Bill decided to give us each a gloss roundall each, where the lane number was written on the roundall for each bracket. The system work really well.








Onto the race and it was Kym out in front with Alby and myself not too far behind. I started quite conservatively, not having confidence to start with, running on reasonably new rubber on a slowish lane. Alby started well but had just a few too many offs to keep up with Kym and myself as the race continued. I then managed to claw back the couple of laps lost to Kym and when Kym was on the slow lanes, managed to get a lead of 9 laps. I then had to finish the race on the two slowest lanes. The penultimate bracket went ok, where I only lost close to 2 laps but in the final bracket, I was on lane 8 and Kym was on the fastest lane, lane 2, which he is a master at. I was in the position of being the hunted. Under the pressure of finding a comfortable but fast laptime, I came off twice and was losing laps fast but I managed to put in a reasonable stint at the back end of the 5 minute bracket and ended up holding the lead by 2 laps at the end of the race. Alby came in 3rd ahead of John, then Michael. Charlie hit trouble during the race and had to swap cars, but drove very cleanly with the 2nd car. Both Bill and Lew hit troubles. For Bill, he also had to swap cars and Lew had issues with his controller.



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