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2017 Tasman Cup

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There has been a bit of general discussion in recent times about chassis building and the use of various components and materials that are and can be used in the construction of a chassis. We have always steered away from rtr chassis and other off the shelf items. Yes we have allowed the use of PP and Beardog chassis’ however in those cases it is considered that they too require an element of hand finishing to construct, align and tune. That is not going to change and we will continue to welcome entrants who wish to use PP and Beardog chassis’.


We do however want to encourage more and more people to scratch build their own chassis and to that end we are very pleased to announce a brand new award.


John Smedley (FPR7), our host from Fulham Park Raceway, has graciously offered to provide a trophy to be awarded to the best home built chassis for the 2017 Tasman Series. We propose to call the award the “Fulham Park Trophy”. The award will be for the best home built chassis and will be judged by John and his fellow racers at the Fulham Park round of the series.


Here are the guidelines of how the award will be decided.


The best home built chassis.


To qualify the chassis must include the front section of the chassis and suspension along with the rear suspension. A commercial motor bracket and/or rear axle bracket may be used.


1. A commercial rear axle bracket with motor bracket is acceptable.


2. From the rear bracket forward must be of home construction with the materials of brass plate, tube or rod. Piano wire rod can also be used.


3. No commercial motor pods are to be used, for example Slot.it , Policar or 3D printed.


4. All other running gear, the wheels, the body and detail parts can be those available commercially.


5. The constructor must be a person who has entered the Tasman Cup Series in 2017.


6. The car can be entered and owned by a person other than the constructor, however the trophy and prize will go to the constructor.


John’s award is designed to promote scratch building the old school way and we understand that for 2017 it is obviously too late for some but we hope that you all embrace the concept and start creating some new gems for 2018 an onwards.


Finally I would like to thank John for his generous offer to provide this award. It is another element of the Tasman Series that I hope will inspire more people to come and join the fun and continue to make the Tasman Cup a unique proxy series.

Alan Stubbings

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Great idea and congratulations to those likely to be successful. Rules #6 out for this season though.

See what we can do for next year...

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Hi Stubbo.


My car will be out too (No. 5) as I used a modified BWA front axle mount and have done so on most of my cars since I first entered about 6-7 years ago.


Pity as I have made a considerable effort with suspension, springs, hydraulic lines etc. but that is the rules.


Certainly appreciate the great offer by FPR.


Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)

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Thanks to skills accumulated from entering and observing this proxy in particular i will now no longer bother trying to make a poor plastic chassis work, i just make one.



My mum says I'm an excellent driver

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