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Wdmcrg Round Twelve 2005

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Round 11 was missing myself the photographer-reporter so there was no report or pics.


Round 12 run last weekend was the first meet at Bo's new routed track and we started off with a less than expected roll up for the first heats of NC1 Classics.


The grid is now becoming interesting now with a wide variety of cars and different brands. Glenn was hopeing for another good run with his Ninco 166 Ferrari but it was too tippy on the routed track.



Bo had an early lead in this heat but Charlie and Jamies jags were chasing close behind with Daves very fast Monogram Corvette Gran Sport very close and coming second overall on the night.



Joes winning Ninco Ferrari and Daves Corvette running close on the track. None of us could get near Joe's Ferrari which ate us all over the track.


The placings for the classics were:

1 Joe with the Ninco Ferrari 250 TR

2 Dave with the Monogram Vette

3 Vince with the Monogram Mustang


Nascars were next. Here the cars are leaving the squeeze section and cresting the small rise entering the last corner. Joe is keeping an eye on his car which is second in this picture.



Turn two action here. There is a small dip leading into this corner which made it tricky as it was easy to deslot and slam the barrier.


Nascars was another Joefest although we later found he was running different tyres to the rest of us. Next year we will be clarifying rules so there is no misunderstandings. Jamie and myself had a very close Nascar round with me just pipping him by half a lap over four four minute heats.

Placings for Nascars were:

1 Joe

2 Vince

3 Jamie



The last and closest round was Open Sedans. Here the winner Joe(again) is leading with his bloody Audi TT. The Ninco Mercedes tourers were not up to the pace this time. Poor Daves Fly Alfa was retired after heat one as the Slotit chassis made it vulnerable in rear end prangs. It was too damaged to continue after getting hit at full speed by a following car when it ended up across the other cars lane.



Here Cameron tries hard with his Scalextric Astra as Daves replacement car closes in.



A grid shot with Sports Racer Pauls Scalextric Audi outside Glenn Jamie and Dave.

The placings were:

1 Joe

2 Vince

3 Jamie

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