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Guest jazzbell

Sorry Guys

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Guest jazzbell

I new there was a reason I got out of this game and I should've stayed away why I was.


Sorry guys (Melbourne)but I've got better things to do with my life. IM OUT.


Let's get one thing straight I always ask around on what people want in events and drop things when the turn outs not great. Never do I favour any person or anyone.


For the record to the day my arse points to the ground SRP MOTORS CANT BE BROUGHT IN A SHOP LOCAL SO THEREFORE SHOULD NOT RUN.


LMP Hornsby great turn out. How many actually own one? Last MCN Adelaide 5 teams on a 6 lane track.

Numbers always look good for the team events because anyone will go a free ride.


I base rules on people who go to events not back yard f#%*@%g Gold Coast racers.


You can't keep everyone happy but to here backlash over the same manufacture In the 24 scale classes again I'm over it. So you inbreds on the coast keep up the good work.



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