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Happy B/day Peter Gunn

David Carter's Photo David Carter 23 Feb 2017

happy birthday Keith
hope it is a great one with tons of pressies

shadow_rusty's Photo shadow_rusty 23 Feb 2017

Have a great one Keith...

Ps. the don't drink and drive statement is perfectly true for 1:1, but in the smaller scales it possibly should be a little longer...
i.e. don't drink 'too much' and 'attempt' to drive as it may seem hilarious tonight, but in the morning, there may be tears...

Peter Gunn's Photo Peter Gunn 24 Feb 2017

Thanks lads yep another day older and wiser they reckon, and been celebrating on the track , can you be over the limit driving a slot car i ask myself seem to be driving better with a couple of beers chuckle .

alexis in greece's Photo alexis in greece 24 Feb 2017

Happy birthday Keith