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Guest jazzbell

2017 Mcn Race Schedule

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Guest jazzbell



When, 2017 Queens Birthday weekend June 9,10 and 11th

In Melbourne .

Address is 3/42-46 Hallam South Road,Hallam,Victoria,3803.

Phone during business hours 03 97963830


MCN Opening Hours

4th June, Thursday 9am - Late

5th June, Friday 7am - Late

6th June, Saturday 7am - Late

7th June, Sunday 7am till one hour after the last event


Trophies and Prizes

1st,2nd and 3rd only trophies plus top qualifier.

ENDURANCE RACES 1st,2nd and 3rd trophies only.

And any donated Prizes from sponsors

Concourse for 1/24 scale Can Am. (DOES NOT APPLY IN FINAL RACE RESULT)

Concourse for 1/24 Scale FLM and GT Endurance cars.

Presentations are held directly after each class.


Race Fees

1.Entry fees must be paid in full at the time of entry or on the day.


3.$20 for all individual classes.

4. $60 for the 2 man FLM/GT 2 hr endurance race.

5. $120 for the 4 man SLOTWORX V8's 3 hrs endurance race.

( both 5 and 4 $30 per driver)



1. 60 seconds for each driver.

2. All drivers can qualify on any lane.

3. Qualifying times will determine which heat you will race in.

4. You can elect not to qualify, and thus you will be seeded last.

5. Slow qualifiers in the bottom heat and the fastest qualifiers in the top heat.



1. Anyone that has never placed (1st, 2nd or 3rd) in a MCN, APC or similar

Australian model car type national race as an individual (non-teams



1. 3 minute brackets with a 1 minute lane change in all classes except Scaleauto.

2. The top drivers from all the heats will go into a final. (There are NO semi's).

3. The Scaleauto class will have 5 minute brackets with a 1 minute lane change.



5 minute with a 1 minute lane change.( This could change on day if running to far behind)


Track Power

All the Racing and Qualifying is and will be 12v.



Thursday 8th from 9am till late $10 all day . Open for all classes.



Racing Schedule

Friday 9th


Scrutineering will start from 11am sharp with the NSR/SLOT IT classics and SIDEWAYS GROUP 5.

No cars will leave Scrutineerig area when done.


Scrutineering will start from 4pm sharp with the Slot it Group C and Nsr GT .

No cars will leave scrutineering area when done.



12pm- NSR and Slot It CLASSIC challenge

3pm- Sideways Group 5

6pm-Slot it Group C


8pm cars for Saturday racing will be called for scrutineering. LMP/PROTO And NSR GT. After scrutineering they will be impounded over night.



Race Schedule

Saturday 10th


8am -1/32 scale LMP/PROTO

11am-1/32 scale NSR GT

2pm-1/24 scale 70's Sports cars -CAN AM

6pm-1/24 scale FLM/GT3 2hrs 2 driver team endurance race. This event will have day and night session.


Each team has to ENTER a GT and a FLM and both drivers will race both cars. The FLM must race 4 lanes and the GT will race 4 lanes.

The format of racing for this enduro will work by the top 4 qualifiers will choose there lane of choice and must race the FLM CAR for There FIRST 4 brackets. Qualifiers 5 to 8 must run the Gt's on the last remaining 4 lanes.


When the race finishes the 4th bracket ,during tha lane change drivers will also change there cars over


The 2hrs means each team will race 15 minutes per lane .Drivers will race 7.5 minutes each.



Night session racing will happen so all cars to be fitted with LIGHTS. please check in rules(when up)



Race Schedule for the Amateurs

Saturday the 10th


12pm- Scalextric GT3

3pm-Scalextric V8's


Race schedule

Sunday 11th


8am – Plafit mini-z GT(2017 plafit rules)

11am-1/24 SLOTWORX V8 3hr 4 man Endurance race

The Slotworx ENDURANCE race is 22.5 minutes per lane. All 4 drivers will race for 5.5 minutes each on all lanes . NO DOUBLE STINTS.

2pm – 1/24 scale Scale auto







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