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W.a.r. 2017 Gt Championships (Sa)

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Hi everyone


The W.A.R.(Western Adelaide Raceway) 2017 slot car racing year kicked off with a big bang last Saturday night with the running of the annual W.A.R. GT Championships.


Eighteen enthusiastic SA slot car racers filled the raceway for what turned out to be a fast, furious and very keenly fought battle over five different classes for GT cars.

We also had two newcomers at W.A.R. with Chris Clarke and Andy Behrndt joining us for the first time. Many thanks for attending.



The racing commenced with the 132 Classic GT class:


Dennis Miller with his awesome NSR Gulf Porsche 917K proved the pick of the field, closely followed by Wade Farrel (Thunderslot Lola T70), Mick Spry (NSR 917K), Dave Jones (Thunderslot Lola T70) and John Smedley (NSR Ford P68).


Position Driver Laps


2 WADE FARREL 245.877

3 MICK SPRY 241.107

4 DAVID JONES 239.156

5 JOHN SMEDLEY 238.465


7 CHRIS DAVEY 226.618

8 CHRIS CLARKE 226.013

9 MICHAEL B 224.493

10 ALAN O DEA 224.443

11 ANDY BEHRNDT 218.713

12 ALAN WIRTH 217.293

13 FABIEN CURE 216.572

14 ALEX GARRARD 179.388

15 JOHN CHEESMAN 177.703

16 SHAUN GARRARD 172.439


Dennis also finished with a new lap record for the class with a 4.481 second lap on blue lane.


Congratulations go to Dennis on winning the 132 Classic Gt class, and for Wade finishing runner up





Next up was the 132 Sideways Group 5 GT class:


Dennis with his ultra smooth Sideways BMW M1 proved the fastest at the end of racing, but there was a very close battle for second between Mick Spry (Ford Capri), John Smedley (Ford Capri) and Alan O'Dea (BMW M1) separated by only one lap at the end of racing.


Position Driver Laps


2 MICK SPRY 238.501

3 JOHN SMEDLEY 237.203

4 ALAN O’DEA 237.117

5 MICHAEL B 234.339

6 WADE FARREL 231.372

7 DAVID JONES 231.005


9 ALAN WIRTH 220.065

10 FABIEN CURE 219.197

11 JOHN CHEESMAN 208.909

12 ANDY BEHRNDT 207.542

13 CHRIS DAVEY 203.409

14 ALEX GARRARD 196.580


16 SHAUN GARRARD 180.827


Dennis also finished with a new lap record for the class with a 4.627 second lap on blue lane.


Congratulations go to Dennis on winning the 132 Sideways Group 5 GT class, and for Mick finishing runner up






Next up was the last of the 132 scale racing with the ultra fast 132 Modern GT class:


Dennis with his very fast NSR Mosler was again the pick of the field, but he had five other racers (Wade, Mick S, John S, Fabien Cure and Dave Jones) right on his heels for the entire race.


The battle for second place was unbelievably close, with only one lap separating second to sixth place at the end of 8 intense heats.


Position Driver Laps


2 WADE FARREL 249.952

3 MICK SPRY 249.808

4 JOHN SMEDLEY 249.543

5 FABIEN CURE 248.613

6 DAVID JONES 248.313

7 MICHAEL B 246.005



10 IAN SUTTON 226.505

11 CHRIS CLARKE 225.868

12 ANDY BEHRNDT 224.526

13 ALAN WIRTH 223.332

14 CHRIS DAVEY 221.722

15 SHAUN GARRARD 202.109

16 ALEX GARRARD 197.570

17 ALAN O DEA 70.394


Congratulations go to Dennis on winning the 132 Modern GT class, and for Wade finishing runner up





After a short break, it was time for the "big bangers" to come out to play beginning with the 124 BRM GT class:


An epic battle took place between Wade and John S in their Porsche 917K racers before Wade finished on top and won the class by just one lap, with Dave Jones finishing third.


Position Driver Laps

1 WADE FARREL 248.546

2 JOHN SMEDLE 247.235

3 DAVID JONES 241.754

4 ANDY BEHRNDT 231.549

5 ALEX GARRARD 228.953

6 MICHAEL B 227.784

7 FABIEN CURE 220.181

8 MICK SPRY 212.613

9 CHRIS DAVEY 207.763

10 SHAUN GARRARD 201.871



Both Wade and John broke the previous lap record for this class, with John finishing with the fastest lap with a 4.572 second lap on blue lane with his psychedelic yellow Porsche 917K.


Congratulations go to Wade on winning the 124 BRM GT class, and for John S finishing runner up





That left the last class for the night, the 124 Scaleauto GT class:


Ian Sutton's beautifully balanced Porsche 997 proved to be the winner, closely followed by Mick S.


Unfortunately, the W.A.R. track experienced its first ever technical problem during heat 7 of the last class, when Wade lost power intermittently whilst racing on red lane causing him a major loss of laps for that heat.


After much thought, the WAR committee has made the following official ruling:

Wade's total laps completed for the class will be amended to equal second place along with Mick Spry based on the average laps Wade completed for the other seven heats.


Position Driver Laps

1 IAN SUTTON 246.607

2 MICK SPRY 244.764

2 WADE FARREL 244.764

4 JOHN SMEDLEY 240.404

5 MICHAEL B 235.637

6 FABIEN CURE 234.705



9 DAVID JONES 228.516

10 CHRIS DAVEY 222.078

11 ANDY BEHRNDT 221.530

12 ALEX GARRARD 217.626

13 SHAUN GARRARD 205.392

14 CHRIS CLARKE 190.250



Congratulations go to Ian on winning the 124 Scaleauto GT class, and for Mick and Wade finishing joint runner up




Many thanks to all entrants who raced at full throttle throughout all the classes, but in a fun and friendly environment (the best way to race).


This event produced some of the closest racing ever held at W.A.R.



Many thanks to all who helped share the marshalling duties, and to Dennis, Dave and John S for their wise advice during the event.



We are back racing on 25th March 2017 for the W.A.R. F1 Championships, details to be emailed shortly

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