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New Aussie Scalextric Releases

Vinno's Photo Vinno 04 Dec 2016

Some exciting news for those Ford Fans and Aussie Touring Car fans. Some pictures below of four of the new releases.

The first of the XY Falcons to be released is the Bathurst 1972 John Goss Falcon. Some quick laps shows it to run pretty well considering its narrow footprint and tallish body. I will complete a proper review next weekend.
Posted Image

The second much anticipated car is the Moffat XC Cobra from Bathurst 1978. Thankfully it has the original chassis used in the XB Falcons and not the inline from the Mad Max car so we get the full interior. A notable improvement from the XB's is they have finally set the rear axle correctly so the wheels fill the guards well. Interesting that they added the Camel Filters sign to the front bumper too.
Posted Image

No3 is the new Dick Johnson John Bowe Ford Sierra. In my opinion this is one of the best looking representations I have seen in a long time, it looks truely stunning.
Posted Image

No 4 is the Jim Richards JPS BMW M3. This is also a beautiful looking car and very well done. It does show how out of scale the Flyslot M3 is too as I have their version of the Richards car.
Posted Image

dangermouse's Photo dangermouse 04 Dec 2016

What motor is in the Sierra and the BMW Vinno?

Vinno's Photo Vinno 04 Dec 2016

They are standard Mabuchi 18K inline motors. I did a review on the Texaco Sierra a couple of months ago. They drive pretty good, nice a smooth with no magnet in them just need a little weight and the tyres don't work so well on my track.

The XY Falcon tyres are very good and allow a bit of slide but still with some traction as well so I will leave the standard tyres on the XY.

dangermouse's Photo dangermouse 04 Dec 2016


Armchair have posted inline FF 18000 motor on their page - I was worried they were going to be another Torana disaster :)

will order the BMW now
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manimmal's Photo manimmal 07 Dec 2016

I picked up all 4 of these at Melbourne model raceway yesterday. We raced the Sierra against the M3 last night many beverages later found them to be a very entertaining match up in virtually stock form, with only some glue and a braid change on the bimmer. Reviews on other forums either implied or flat out stated that the bmw was no where near the sierra, and i am pleased to state that whilst i agree the sierra is faster, the difference is insignificant running non mag. The biggest difference i found was when the bmw was pushed too hard carnage followed. Today my beautiful jps m3 looks a mess and the sierra still looks new

superyob's Photo superyob 07 Dec 2016

That XY does not look right. It's dimensions are horribly askew. I will not purchase if they can't get that right. The XC looks good though. What was wrong with the inline XB, other than the smaller interior space?

Vinno's Photo Vinno 07 Dec 2016

The XY seems narrow and the rear guards are shaped wrong, I compared it to the 1/32 scale di cast cars and there are differences. The rest of the car is good and it drives pretty well.

Only issue with the in line XB is the interior and maybe slightly different to drive.

gazza's Photo gazza 07 Dec 2016

View Postsuperyob, on 07 December 2016 - 12:19 PM, said:

That XY does not look right. It's dimensions are horribly askew. I will not purchase if they can't get that right.

They are made in a factory in China from instructions from a company in England by people who have never seen a modern Australian car let alone something that was popular here 30 odd years ago

I for one are grateful that someone is building local classic models be it Ford, Holden or whatever that spent time on race tracks across Australia in our "golden time" of racing.

We can't thank enough those involved in getting Scalextric to build anything from our motor racing past

The V8's proved how much the local market needs something they can relate to

So what if the wiperblades look funny, they put transfers in the wrong place or had the incorrect amount of rivets

If the Australian released cars keep getting sold out, and most do, they will eventually lift their game a notch or two and might actually ask someone over here for some advice

I will continue to buy all the local releases as money talks, and at the moment Hornby is keeping their head above water thanks to Australian interest in local products

Also we must remember that these are just toy cars to play with on a miniature race track, not an exact replica.

Ben_M's Photo Ben_M 07 Dec 2016

^^ This^^

GAS41T's Photo GAS41T 07 Dec 2016

I'm buying the models that appeal to me....
Well said Gazza

manimmal's Photo manimmal 07 Dec 2016

Funny you mention wipers, it appears the sierra only has a passenger side wiper.

Here's hoping for a hg/ht monaro next year please hornby ;)

Wobble's Photo Wobble 07 Dec 2016

I 2nd the ht/hg Monaro
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mattcrackers's Photo mattcrackers 07 Dec 2016

Great selection of cars that Scalextric have released, pity they all came out at the same time.

Would be great to see some Monaro's made to go with the Torana's, XB's,XC and the HO's.

I see they are already releasing another red GTHO next year, here's hoping they have more suprises in store.

Wobble's Photo Wobble 08 Dec 2016

View PostVinno, on 07 December 2016 - 02:29 PM, said:

The XY seems narrow and the rear guards are shaped wrong, I compared it to the 1/32 scale di cast cars and there are differences.

If the XY is built to scale it will seem narrow as it will be about 4mm narrower than the XB (not Mad Max) which is about 3mm oversize in this scale. The XC with the same sw chassis (good to see as I thought they might go the Mad Max chassis route) is probably about 3mm too wide to but that's good on the track..

They'll both be in my Xmas stocking even if I have to put them there myself.

difinity's Photo difinity 08 Dec 2016

Got the XY, Sierra & BMW tonight. XC and A9X to cone early next year. These cars are the lead in our 2017 race raffle @ $5 a ticket. Got to love Club nights...

Detail looks good - though not in the Biante class. All look a little narrow, but should work ok.

pmdaniels's Photo pmdaniels 09 Dec 2016

View Postmanimmal, on 07 December 2016 - 07:47 PM, said:

Funny you mention wipers, it appears the sierra only has a passenger side wiper.

It did only have one wiper in the centre .

manimmal's Photo manimmal 09 Dec 2016

Ah, thanks for that. I kinda thought/hoped as much, the vacant hole made me think it was missing.

Caddo's Photo Caddo 15 Dec 2016

Picked up an XC today, car looks great, body detail is good.

Disappointed the chassis' motor alignment is still right over one side, away from the gears.

If you want to put a metal rims on, any rims with a hub won't fit, same as the XB.

There is 5mm of empty space on the gear side, between the spur gear and rim.

The motor bracket needs to be moved towards the gear side.

Frustrated, I gave up and installed a HRS chassis :wacko:

Wobble's Photo Wobble 12 Jan 2017

A GTHO arrived on my doorstep and as Vinno has pointed out it is a bit on the skinny side. It looks good in the flesh but in this scale it should be about 3mm wider.
I was hoping it might be able to run with Camaros and Mustangs etc and had it been 3mm wider it would have a similar axle width to a Scaley Mustang.
In its favour, it is 7gm lighter than a Mustang and 10gm lighter than a Scaley 69 Camaro. It will be an interesting exercise to get it to run somewhere near competitively with these.
Edited by Wobble, 12 January 2017 - 06:32 AM.

David Carter's Photo David Carter 12 Jan 2017

I was looking at the GTHO when I was in Whakatane in the slot shop the other day
and yes I think it is a bit on the skinny side
55mm I do believe
plus being fitted with in line

I have the Munter resin GTHO body and it measures in at 58.5 mm at the rear wheel arches
just wide enough to get it set up as a sidewinder

but that said it is a very nice looking model