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Round 4- Wagburn Rally

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So, some comments for the Historics, once again, mainly based on the longer stage 3.



Boss. Want to love this car so much. Its too tight and grippy. Would prefer to have the rear sliding out more.





Mels Porsche- Well balanced car, easy to drive like most Nincos






Craig's Metro lacked a little bit of rear grip but it was able to keep its momentum going and not getting bogged down.






Miveson. Best looking 037. Nice to drive but just wasn't fast. Guide had a few issues popping out on the bumps on the main straight.






Alexis. I've always wanted one of these Spirit Pugs, and after driving this one I only want one more. Nice and smooth but the drop arm could cause issues, which this one had on the hair pin.






Very happy with how my car performed. I wasn't expecting it to go that well with the over powered motor. I think I need to take it on a bit of a road trip and drive it on other peoples tracks to see how it goes. It seems to struggle everywhere else, might be too suited to my driving style. Could do with a gearing change to get some better brakes.





Peter Gunn. Smooth baby. Nothing else to say






GAS. Nice car to drive, quicker than it seemed. Had a few issues getting a bit bouncy on exit and rattling out of the slot.






Cure. The beast has been neutered but still a nice car. Another one that didn't like the bumps on the straight.






CharlesX. Unique car to drive, different from all of the others. Nice and easy to drive fast.






AMCC. Sat flat through the tight corners and binded up a little.





Phils car was mental. Just like Alexis other Spirit it was nice and smooth, but the big motor kept you on your toes. The biggest downside was that it was very tippy.






Shadows Porsche. Was expecting a little more speed out of this one. Nice enough to drive consistently, but just lacked a little pace. Maybe a little too taily.






Stage 3 & Overall results tomorrow.

Edited by Ben_M

Some slot (and MTB) vids NOW SHOWING

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Thanks Ben

I'm glad I built a metro as I actually had to set it up as to the rs200, I just pulled that out of the box didn't touch chassis just motor, gear, rims an tyres to easy a car for my liking to set up....

The metro I had to set the chassis up as the wheel track was way out and the same bits rims, tyres, gear and motor and a lot of lead put on then taken off or moved anyways it's a joy to build these cars and hear the comments .....




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By the way, i got the second track at one last night... now, i have 10 months to get a timing system on and we will have 2 SA stage again!!! yessss.


Nice work, Lenny's old one?


yep but with a new brownish paint on it and few cracks here and there:).


Thanks for the car feedback... i think i am still building my cars too light for the jumps. something to sort out for next year. I am trying 3 new french classic cars but there are hard to tune.,.

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Stage 3, the big one, and he's done it again. Consistency pays off. The first four were spread out and then it got tight. Once again Phil got the fastest lap but it was tip tip tipy. I felt that my driving let it down so I ran it again and finished in the same second as the first try, so I was satisfied with the time (im sure Phil's not :) )





So to the overall and no guesses who got the top spot. He has been a consistent runner over the last few years here and finally cracked the top spot. Charles got a well deserved 2nd and i'm over the moon with 3rd. There was a bit of a shake up with the overall points so we shall see how it is effected.





So once again thanks for letting me play with your cars. I really enjoyed it this year and has got me in the right mood to keep going with the WRP car. Will have to see if the Raids come back next time. Was interesting to see that the WRC cars had the fastest overall time this year, normally its the historic's that lead the way.


Cars will be in the post on Monday (unless someone is passing through?) to head up to Sydney to continue round 3.

Some slot (and MTB) vids NOW SHOWING

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Thanks for the running Ben lots of hard work put in for us really appreciated, chuckle about consistency, was looking at the cars performance so far this proxy and round 1 finished 10-9 round 2, 4-12-10-2 round 4 2-1-1 so it,s looking like someone took the hand brake of at last :).

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in the classic, from one to eight we almost all made a podium and there is only 8 points delta... not bad. it looks to me that it is the closest we ever had.


thanks a lot for runing the stage.

as i have less and less time at the club i am doing more proxy. This one is still an highlight of the year.

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